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Animal Science department offices, laboratories and some classrooms are housed at the Livestock Center five miles west of Rexburg while other classrooms are located on campus. Facilities include an indoor arena, feedlot, animal laboratory, meat processing lab, horse barn

and 100 acres of irrigated fields. Van transportation is provided for many Livestock Center labs and classes, but occassionally transportation will be the responsibility of the students.

Animal teaching tools include both purebred and commercial cattle herds, saddle and draft horses, a sheep flock and seasonal feedlot cattle, poultry and swine components.


The employment opportunities for students with an Animal Science background are promising. Graduates with an understanding of the science and business of animal production for food or recreation, and the services it requires, find a wide variety of opportunities available. Rewarding careers are available as ranch managers, marketing specialists, financial officers, food processors, animal health workers, government agency workers and researchers among others.

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