BYU-Idaho Livestock Center

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Brigham Young University-Idaho Animal Science headquarters.


Animals at the Livestock Center:


Commercial beef cattle at the Livestock Center--these cows are carrying Holstein embryos from embryo transfers.


Prof. Kerry Powell's Research:

Surrogate beef mother nursing "Chocolate" and "Chip"-- identical twin Holstein heifers from a split embryo-- which she carried and raised.


   Brother Powell discussing "hands-in" reproduction..        

Ultrasound of early pregnancies.


Grazing Management:


           Cows grazing.                                                                                              Zach working the seeder.

Meat Science Class:


Students plucking the chickens.                                                          Students are proud of their "catch".


Brother Orchard working with fresh meat in the meat lab.



Nutrition Classes:

Feedlot steers benefit from the Applied Nutrition class.


Reproduction Classes:


 A student participates in artificial insemination...                                                         Ultrasound of early pregnancies.

A BYU-I student gets excited about her work!


Students at the Livestock center:


Students "horsing" around.

 These are the students behind everything: the Student Officers.


Michael Archibald, a BYU-I student, and Brother Lamb, a BYU-Idaho Animal Science professor.

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