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How Students Complete Course Evaluations

Click here to view the process that a student follows to complete a course evaluation.. This is especially useful for instructors who are new to the process.


Inserting the Course Evaluation Link into iLearn

Click here to view the process for inserting the link to course evaluations into an iLearn assignment, announcement, or email.


The BYU-Idaho Course Evaluation Instrument 

In 2008 the BYU-Idaho Assessment Committee reviewed and updated the instrument which had been used to evaluate courses at BYU-Idaho for many years. This instrument was originally developed at BYU and adopted for use at BYU-Idaho. It had not been reviewed or substantially updated for more than 15 years. Members of the committee reviewed the instrument with the aim of eliminating non-useful items, rewriting items to clarify and to modernize, and adding items that would measure key elements of the Learning Model.


Click here to view a generic course evaluation form.


Click here to read an article summarizing the major updates that were made.


Course Evaluations at BYU-Idaho

Student evaluations of courses and teachers at BYU-Idaho are very important.  Every semester one or more of your courses will be open for evaluation.  Not all of your courses will be evaluated.  We evaluate the new teachers every semester.  We evaluate the experienced teachers (i.e., more than four years at BYU-I) once every three years.  If you feel so inclined, you can also request to make a special evaluation of a course or teacher as well (use the email address below).


Faculty and academic administrators take your feedback very seriously.  Your feedback is used to improve your education.   So, please take a few minutes and evaluate the courses on your list.  Not every course you take will be on the list, only those scheduled for an evaluation.


You will be asked to log on to the system using your normal network id and password.  You will then be presented with a course or list of courses to evaluate.  Respond to questions in the evaluation form and click SUBMIT when you are finished.  Return to the list and complete any other courses still showing in your list.


Your responses are completely anonymous.  We will note that you have submitted an assigned evaluation, but we will not connect your identity to your feedback.  So, you can be completely honest.


Please complete your assigned evaluations by the last day of final exams.  Thanks for your time and effort in completing your assigned course evaluations.


Scott Bergstrom

Director of Institutional Research and Assessment


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