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Stephanie Nielson



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“Hope Triumph, and Everyday Joy”




Stephanie Nielson was born and raised in Provo, Utah and is a popular blogger/author, most widely known for publishing “nieniedialogues.com”. In the world of social media she is simply referred to as “NieNie”. Stephanie also penned the New York Times Bestseller, "Heaven Is Here", her own inspiring memoir of incredible hope, triumph, and everyday joy.


Stephanie’s blog-alias “NieNie” comes from the last 3 letters of her first name and the first 3 letters of her last name. Her writings and social media messages are a natural portrayal of the everyday activities in her life, like being a wife, a stay-at-home-mother, and an active Mormon. Her blog and Instagram are filled with images that represent Stephanie’s every-day joys in these important roles of her life.


Stephanie was one of the first bloggers on the scene, more than 10 years ago. She began writing in 2004 when their young family moved to New Jersey where her husband Christian, began his career. Originally the blog was simply a means of keeping family members in the west informed about their life back east. But people flocked to her little blog and her readership grew steadily all over the world.


As one of the original “mommy-bloggers” NieNieDialogues was soon garnering national attention about home-making. When the Nielsons moved to Arizona, Stephanie continued to share her family life through the blog and was even syndicated in a Martha Stewart magazine.


Tragedy struck however, in the summer of 2008 when Stephanie and Christian were involved in a fatal airplane accident in Arizona. The horrific crash claimed the life of their dear friend and fellow pilot, while Christian and Stephanie miraculously survived life-threatening burns covering arms, legs, face, and hands. As burn-trauma survivors they offer a remarkable message of courage, faith, and hope, and the power and resiliency of family.


The Nielsons have been guests on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and The Today Show, the Glenn Beck Program, Anderson Cooper, and many other major media outlets. Stephanie generously shares her personal life and family with the world and often speaks to audiences of thousands. In every venue (large or small) Stephanie shares her captivating story of why she beat the odds in perilous times, and what life is like with an altered appearance and physical limitations.


Although reconstructive surgery is an ongoing requirement for Stephanie she maintains a joyful attitude for life, living the roles she loves to live. There is no doubt that Stephanie’s most treasured role is that of “mother”. The Nielson's have returned to Provo, Utah where they currently live with their 5 children: Claire, Jane, Oliver, Nicholas, and Charlotte.