Technology Competency Assessment: Word Processing

To successfully complete this task, you must be able to complete the skills shown below. A sample task is also provided so you can practice the skills before taking the technology assessment. You may complete the task on your own or you may choose to go through our step by step practice. The content needed for this assignment is available at this link:

To demonstrate competency with word processing, you will need to:

  • Change the page orientation
  • Format text into columns
  • Adjust the margins
  • Copy and paste text
  • Add a bulleted list
  • Insert a table and add text
  • Insert a text box and add text
  • Change the font of the text
  • Change the color of the text
  • Insert an image
  • Add shapes (or "drawings")
  • Add text to shapes
  • Change the fill color of shapes
  • Insert a hyperlink to a website
  • Find help when you need to perform a task you are not famililar with.