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"Riding is simply the act of not falling off."
                    - Pat Parelli

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BASIC CLASSES are offered every semester 1st and 2nd block, dates and times vary for each semester. 


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Basic Classes

* Classes are taught by student peer instructors


080R Basic Horsemanship I - Technique 1

The purpose of this class is to teach students basic riding techniques and skills. This class will meet twice a week for seven weeks. Students will learn the different parts of the horse, saddle, and bridle. After being instructed on how to approach, catch and halter your horse, students will will learn proper grooming. Students will also learn how to saddle, bridle, and mount their horse. Once on the horse, you will be taught correct balance, posture and be able to maneuver your horse around the arena. You will also learn the different gaits (speeds) of a horse, and how to ride the horse while in these gaits.

1st Block Classes:                                                                        2nd Block Classes:

MW 7:45-9:45 am                                                                            MW 10:15-12:15 pm

TT 7:45-9:45am                                                                    




081R Basic Horsemanship II - Technique 2

This class is intended for those who have successfully completed Technique 1 or have had lots of riding experience and are looking for a more challenging course.  Before starting this class, it is expected that you are able to do all the things taught in Technique 1 confidently. This class will meet twice a week for seven weeks. In Technique 2 we will improve those skills and refine your riding technique with the horse. We will introduce leg pressure, and work on your ability to do patterns on the horse. Balance, smooth transitions, and focus will be emphasised.

(If you have never ridden a horse before or if it has been a long time, please sign up for Basic 1 - Technique 1.)

 1st Block Classes:                                                                       2nd Block Classes:

MW 10:15-12:15                                                                              MW 7:45-9:45am

                                                                                                            MW 3:15-5:15 pm

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