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"Build cities, adorn your habitations, make gardens, orchards, and vineyards, and render the earth so pleasant that when you look upon your labors you may do so with pleasure and that angels may delight to come and visit your beautiful locations... Your work is to beautify the face of the earth, until it shall become like the Garden of Eden."

- Brigham Young 1847

BYU-Idaho Horticulture students 
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Welcome to the Horticulture Department


Our aim at Brigham Young University-Idaho Horticulture Department is to nurture understanding of both the art and science of Horticulture. Students learn experientially in the classroom, laboratory, greenhouse, and ten-acre demonstration garden as they pursue an Associates or Bachelors Degree. Using the medium of plants, students develop habits of hard work, enlightened minds, and healthy living that assist in gainful employment opportunities



About Our Program

Why should you choose an education in Horticulture at BYU-Idaho?


You can join the competition.


Horticulture is a flourishing industry. From garden centers to golf courses or even landscape architecture, the Horticulture Department at BYU-Idaho is committed to preparing its students for success in their future careers. Our graduates are competitive where ever they are planted, whether it be in graduate research, corporate business or government service.


You can realize your professional self.


To give our students the best advantage in the business world possible, our department relies heavily on education enriching experiences. Students have opportunities to attend yearly Student Career Days hosted by PLANET, where they participate in horticulture-themed competitions with students from other universities all over the country. Yearly field trips are available where students and faculty travel to learn from industry professionals in the community and nationally.


The department boasts excellent facilities, including greenhouses, laboratories, arboretum, and an extensive demonstration garden. Our experienced faculty teaches and motivates students among these impressive textbooks. Using these tools students amplify their skills and become professionals.


You can study what you love.


Our unique program structure enables students to specialize in an area of their choice. Meet specific career goals in Floral Design, Plant Production, Design Build, or Landscape Maintenance. Student's are guided in their choice of emphasis to get a more focused education.


And you can have fun while you're at it.


We believe that unity is essential to the success of our students. In our program students become part of a strong network of building, sharing, and teaching. One example is the club Metus Topiaria where each semester a board of Horticulture students organize activities, to involve 300 students in such things like service projects and social events. From field trips to competitions, Horticulture students are working together.


Horticulture Field Trip

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