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Family History and Technology:
Past, Present & Future

Craig Miller

Director of Member Needs, Church History Department

University Forum
May 17, 2007

Craig Miller shares his insights on how technology is helping to move family history work forward.
Technology has changed the way family history research is performed and is making temple work much more efficient. The new FamilySearch contains multiple databases to make genealogical information available to anyone interested in family history research. Ordinance records, the Church’s Ancestral File, Pedigree Resource File, Church membership information, and other databases have been combined to reduce duplicated temple work and make the research already done available to others.
The new FamilySearch is one example of several new technologies that aid in family history research. In this address, given during a BYU-Idaho forum in May 2007, Church History Department Director of Member Needs, Craig Miller, shares his thoughts on how the Lord is moving family history work forward through the advent of new technologies.


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