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  President Kim B. Clark

ENG 335 AM LIT / REAL & MOD -- Online


Credits: 3

Estimated Enrollment per Offering: 60 Students



  1. Understand and appreciate literature as a valuable source of intellectual, emotional, and aesthetic experience reflecting and enriching the human experience.
  2. Read literature within such contexts as nationality, historical period, ethnicity, and culture.
  3. Apply appropriate critical theories to literary texts.
  4. Continue developing library skills for literary research and document formal writing according to MLA guidelines.
  5. Integrate secondary texts into written work.



Examines works and authors of the Realism and Modern periods from Crane to Ellison and the influence of historical events, philosophical ideas, and literary trends on the works and authors.



Development of the American Realism and Modern periods, including its major movements, genres, and authors; placement of the literature of this period in a relevant cultural and historical context; examination of how these two historical periods and types of literature interrelate; use of the fundamental tools of literary interpretation in the discussion, analysis, and evaluation of literature of these periods; broad context for further study and specialization.



Completion of English 251 is required for English majors.





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