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   Can't find an answer to a problem?  Need help in resolving an issue?  Call the Dean of Students at        (208)496-9200.

 E-mail:  dos@byui.edu

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      "The process of giving your heart to the Lord is the great key to understanding the purpose of the Honor Code.  The Honor Code is a preparatiory commitment to live the gospel and conduct your lives in a spirit of obedience."  Kim B. Clark

  Student Services and Activities

     Student Services and Activities encompasses areas of student support, student well-being, and student activities and focuses on the student as a whole.  Service oriented, University personnel working in this area are prepared to help students find solutions to their problems and issues by helping the student identify the need and then by referring them to the appropriate department or individual who can resolve the issue.

      The Activities Program at Brigham Young University−Idaho provides students with the opportunity to develop in their lives activities and enrichment which will enhance their lives as they complete their education and move on into further education or the world of work.


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