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Student Service and Activities

Mailing AddressInformation
Brigham Young University–Idaho
200 Kimball Building
Rexburg, ID 83460-1650

Phone: (208) 496-1155    Fax: (208) 496-1185

E-mail: nordfeltd@byui.edu

Office Hours
8am - 5pm Business Days


Kevin T. Miyasaki Vice President (208) 496-1155 miyasakik@byui.edu 200 Kim
Derek Fay Managing Director of Activities and Spirit Events (208) 496-2805 fayd@byui.edu 290C Kim
Kip Harris Dean of Students (208) 496-9200 harrisk@byui.edu 290E Kim
Rob Garrett Managing Director of Student Services (208) 496-1445 garrettr@byui.edu 290F Kim
Mike Lehman Managing Director of Well Being (208) 496-9204 lehmanm@byui.edu 290D Kim
Justin Garner Director of Activities Program (208) 496-7410 garnerj@byui.edu 260 Hrt
Layne Kinghorn Director of Activities Program (208) 496-7325 kinghornl@byui.edu 208 Rig
Tyler Williams Director of Admissions (208) 496-1310 williamst@byui.edu 120H Kim
Allen B. Jones Director of Get Prepared (208) 496-1425 jonesa@byui.edu 202 Rig
Kirstie Lords Director of Student Honor Office  (208)496-9300 lordsk@byui.edu 270 Kim
Kyle R. Martin  Registrar  (208)496-1010 martink@byui.edu 190 Kim
Shaun B. Orr Director of Student Health Center  (208)496-9340 orrs@byui.edu 113 SHC 
Aaron Sanns Director of Financial Aid (208) 496-1610 sannsa@byui.edu 100H Kim
J. Reed Stoddard Director of Counseling Center  (208)496-9370 stoddardr@byui.edu  279 SHC
Troy Dougherty Director of Housing and Student Living  (208)496-9220 doughertyt@byui.edu 270E Kim