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Building Codes

On first reference, when referring to a building as a whole, use the full name of the building: John W. Hart Physical Education Building. On second reference the last name is appropriate: Hart Building. When referring to a specific room, use the room number and the building’s name: 130 Hart Building. It is also acceptable to use the room number and the building’s last name only: 130 Hart. Exception: It is acceptable to use the abbreviation MC for the Hyrum Manwaring Student Center.




Code Name
AGM Ag. Engineering Bldg.
ASB Auxiliary Services Bldg.
AUS Mark Austin Technical & Engineering Bldg.
BEN Ezra Taft Benson Agricultural & Biological Sciences Bldg.
BID Lowell L. Biddulph Hall (men)
BRN Sarah Ann Barnes Hall (women)
CHP Verla Chapman Hall (women)
CLK John L. Clarke Family Living Center
CML Construction Management Lab
HDG Thomas E. Ricks Gardens
HIN Gordon B. Hinckley Bldg.
HRT John W. Hart Physical Education Bldg.
HTG Heating Plant
KER Annie S. Kerr Hall (women)
KIM Spencer W. Kimball Student & Administrative Services Bldg.
KRK Oscar A. Kirkham Bldg.
LAM Helen Lamprecht Hall (women)
MC Hyrum Manwaring Student Center
MCK David O. McKay Library
ORC Outdoor Resource Center
PER Virginia H. Perkins Hall (women)
PPG Physical Plant Grounds Construction & Sign Shop
PPO Physical Plant Office Bldg.
PPS Physical Plant Shop Bldg.
PWS Plumbing & Welding Shop
RIC Edna I. Ricks Hall (women)
RIG William F. Rigby Hall (faculty offices)
RGS Radio and Graphic Services Bldg.
RKS Thomas E. Ricks Bldg.
ROM George S. Romney Sciences Bldg.
SA Smith Annex
SHC Student Health & Counseling Center
SMI Joseph Fielding Smith Bldg.
SNO Eliza R. Snow Performing Arts Center
SPO Jacob Spori Bldg.
STA BYU–Idaho Stadium
STU Stadium Studio
TAY John Taylor Bldg.
UV University Village (families)
VOS Vehicle Operations Service Station





BBD Baseball Diamond
ESF East Soccer Field
LEP Lower East Playfield
LWP Lower West Playfield
STF Stadium Track and Field
SVC Sand Volleyball Courts
TCL Tennis Courts, Lower
TCU Tennis Courts, Upper
UP Upper Playfield
WSF West Soccer Field



Additional Off-campus Locations

ALM Alumni & Friends Visitors’ Center, 16 East Main, Rexburg
BC1 Badger Creek Outdoor Learning Center, near Tetonia
COC Campus Outdoor Center, Seventh South
COL Campus Outdoor Learning Center & Arboretum, Seventh South
4WD Fourth Ward Meetinghouse, 166 South First East
HFC Henry’s Fork Outdoor Learning Center, 5400 West Hwy. 33
HSP Madison Memorial Hospital, 450 E. Main
LC Livestock Center, 5400 West Hwy. 33
NSC Natural Science Center, Island Park
TML Teton Mountain Lodge, located near Victor
VU Vocal Union Studio, 267 West Fourth South
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