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BYU-Idaho Home Page Policies

  1. Work under the direction of your department and division.

    The University provides links from its home page to various areas on campus. Viewers will assume that pages linked to the home page are official.

  2. Confine yourself to providing information from your own area.

    BYU-Idaho leaders have assigned areas such as University Relations to speak officially for the university. Other areas such as the Alumni Association also speak officially to audiences but in their fields of specialization. Divisions and departments offer information to students and others from their own foundation of expertise. No one at the university is authorized to speak for the Church. If you are putting up information on the web, please be conscious of your boundaries and remain within them.

  3. Maintain the highest level of quality in your communication.

    Make sure that your information is accurate and presented in proper grammatical form. Your pages should be graphically pleasing and proofread just as if they were a brochure representing BYU-Idaho.

  4. BYU-Idaho pages are for BYU-Idaho information.

    Please be sure that BYU-Idaho pages are tied firmly to the mission of the university.

  5. Comply with existing policy regarding political activity.

    The essential function for the university requires strict institutional neutrality, integrity, and independence regarding political activities.

  6. Comply with existing policy regarding pornography.

    Do not engage in any activity that does not comply with the Code of Honor or the principles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

  7. Do not use copyrighted material on your pages without permission.

    You must comply with state and federal copyright laws. Copyright violations create potential legal liability for both yourself and the university. For more detailed information regarding copyright laws, please refer to "The United States Copyright Office" Web Site. It is located at: lcweb.loc.gov/copyright/

Rules for Building Web Pages at BYU-Idaho

  1. Icons, pictures, and other elements that can be used by more than one person exist in a shared domain in a gallery or as part of the templates. Unless specifically exempted, any materials submitted for use in this way will become "college domain" and will be available in this directory.
  2. Web pages must be free from copyright violations. You are responsible to verify permission for any copied materials.
  3. When using a person's name or picture, you must obtain written permission from the individual before the material is made public. Failure to do so is a violation of their privacy.
  4. The BYU-Idaho Web Style Guide and Web Editor is to establish a clear identity for BYU-Idaho on the Internet. The Web Editor consists of templates with left-hand navigation bars and a header at the top of your web pages to give your Section of the Web site (college, department, office, faculty, informational, or other) the official ‘look’ of BYU-Idaho. This will help maintain an official image and give the impression of consistency for all programs. Please refer to the Web Style Guide available at http://www.byui.edu/webdev/webstyleguide/ for further instructions.
  5. University policy prohibits the use of any commercial advertising.
  6. Links from BYU-Idaho web pages to off-campus web pages must use an intermediate disclaimer page. Instructions for adding a disclaimer page are available at http://www.byui.edu/WebDev/disclaimer.htm
  7. Personal links and references to topics unrelated to the sponsoring department are inappropriate.
  8. Statements regarding Church doctrine are issued only by the Church, not the university. Discussion of specific Church doctrine should not be included.
  9. Catalog information will be provided by the university. It is not necessary for departments to duplicate catalog information.
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