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BYU-Idaho Web Style Guide


As you use the Web Editor, we would ask that you follow these general style guidelines for each section of your web page:



There are three types of templates and each has a different use.


1 A-E Homepage- Usually used just for your homepage

2 A-E Left navigation- Used most often

3 A-E Content heavy- Used the least, no navigation, for large displays, full calendars, etc...


Left Links

Use the following heading sizes to assign subheadings:





Use bulleted lists to list links beneath the subheadings


  • Link
  • Link
  • Link


  • Link
  • Link
  • Link


Quote Block

"This is a quote"

-John Doe


"Normal font."



Main Body (sample)


Page Title- H1


Introduction paragraph that briefly describes the page and its purpose.


Subheading- H2


Content for subheading


Sub-Subheading- H3


  1. Content for sub-subheading.
  2. More content for sub-subheading.



PDF files

PDF files are to be used only for print materials, and in other rare circumstances.


Screen readers for the visually impaired have a hard time with PDFs or don't read them at all. Because they are not ADA accessible you will need to provide a web page including the same information as the PDF. If you use PDFs, we recommend using them as the "printable version" of the page rather than the initial source, giving users the best of both worlds.


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