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What's new in the Web Editor?


This page is to inform users what changes have been made recently to the editor based on their feedback and usability requirements.





January 2008
User Request

Web Editor-

  • Browse button to insert links
  • " http:// " default address for links
  • Bigger editing screens in the templates
  • Blank lines render correctly between paragraphs
February 15, 2008
ADA & W3C Compliance

Style sheet-

  • Underline links in the main body of the page, but not in the left links column.
March 7, 2008
User Request & Accuracy

Web Editor-

  • "Getting Started" page now has buttons on the lower right hand side for "open", "new", and "help"
  • The hover text for the "Open" button now reads "Open/File Management" as a more accurate description of what the button does.
March 26, 2008
Browser Compatibility

Style sheet-

  • Changed visibility fields in style sheet to make Firefox print correctly
May 20, 2008
User Request

Web Editor-

  • Fixed JavaScript tab on "Insert/Edit link" button
  • Gallery Builder tutorial- as a result of JavaScript tab


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