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Basics of Web Design

HTML- Hypertext Markup Language

HTML is the core of web programing, thanks to the editor you don't have to learn it, but it is still important to know about. All web pages on the web can be boiled down to simple HTML. Short and sweet HTML controls the content of the website. There is a button on the tool bar that allows you to view and edit the HTML itself, however a word of caution: the Web Editor will reject certain code. So if you choose to edit the HTML directly, the web editor may not accept the page any more (at which point it has to be rebuilt in the editor).


CSS- Cascading Style Sheets

CSS controls how the page looks. The templates are built using CSS. Once the pages are built in the editor we can make universal changes to the website without visiting every page, this includes color, font sizes, and where things are located on the page.


Images- Size does matter

Large images take a long time to load. To lower load times: make images smaller. Under the Tutorials section is a tutorial on how to do this and also some additional information on screen resolution.


Organization- Short Web Addresses

When organizing your web pages don't go overboard putting them in their own individual folders. Every folder you go through adds a "/foldername/" to the web address. To make your addresses shorter keep as much of the website in the initial folder as possible.

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