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Using color

To keep a unified look the templates have a built in color scheme, this has been somewhat limiting to those using the editor. After talking with several developers, we have decided to allow the following colors in moderation for use in the editor. To add these colors to tables, etc. you will need to use the Firefox web browser which is available as a free download at www.firefox.com .


In Firefox log into the editor and create your table. Select the cell you want to change the color of and click the cell properties button. Click the "Advanced" tab and add following in the style field to change the background color:


background-color: #c77a7e


(The above code makes the background color red.)


The recommended color scheme is the hexidecimal system which is a 6 digit number that names the shade, hue, and intensity of each color.


We recommend the following colors (just copy/paste them into the above code):


Color Hex#
red #c77a7e
orange #e2b896
yellow #eef2bf
green #cadfc6
blue #81aad5
purple #cfc0d3
gray #efefec
white #ffffff


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