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Getting Started

Get in the Web Editor

Contact the Help Desk (ext. 9000) to get your user name in the web editor for a current site or to set up a new site. You will need your BYU-I login name, and the name of the organization or department.


Help Desk

(208) 496-9000



What is the Web Editor?

The Web Editor is a browser based editor that allows the user to create and edit Web pages within their department or section. This means no software has to be installed on your computer, and you will have access to the templates used across campus.



The new web page templates give the BYU-Idaho website a consistent structure and appearance. This creates a standard throughout the website which increases ease of navigation and overall usability of the site.


What about old pages?

The Web Style Applicator is no longer supported by BYU-Idaho. All pages need to be converted to the new templates via the Web Editor. For help in this area see Updating old pages to the left.



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