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FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why use the Web Editor?

A: The Web Editor was designed here at BYU-Idaho to provide a professional, uniform look to the website. It is also simple enough to use that most anyone can create pages right away with little or no additional help. The templates in the editor allow the university to make changes universally without visiting every individual page.


Q: What browsers are supported by the Web Editor?

A: The Web Editor supports both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. The reason we chose to support IE is because it is the default browser on campus. Firefox on the other hand is readily available (free to download), commonly used, and can be used on both PC and Mac computers. Firefox is required to use the editor on Apple computers.


Q: Do I need a mapped drive to use the editor?

A: No, the Web Editor has a built in file management system as part of the "open" button. This system includes:

  • Folder navigation
  • Creating folders
  • Upload
  • Download
  • Delete
  • Rename
(Also see next question)


Q: How do I upload/download files in the editor?

A: See "Uploading Files" under Tutorials to the left.


Q: Why would I use "Contacts"?

A: The contacts page is linked at the top right hand corner of all of the pages. This gives the user a consistent place to go for additional information without wasting effort searching the entire site for a name or phone number.


Q: If I run into an error, or can't figure out how to use the editor, what should I do?

A: Click the question mark in the upper right hand corner to access the Web Editor help page. If you are still unable to solve the problem after reading the help page, click on "Contact Us" under Extra Help to the left. Please let us know the specifics of the problems you encounter, positive and/or negative feedback, and any questions about things you don't understand.

Q: Will the white navigation bar that is currently at the top of our web page be available again?

A: No, the white navigation bar is no longer supported by BYU-Idaho. We realize this will require you re-think your navigation to some extent, but this shouldn't cause too much of a problem. For help changing pages to the new templates see "Updating old pages" to the left under Tutorials.


Q: Is there a drop-down menu option available in the web editor?

A: Yes and no. The expandable menu gives you the versatility of a drop-down menu, but it is not by definition a drop-down menu. For more information, read the Expandable Menu tutorial to the left.


Q: Once I have my pages finished, how do I publish them?

A: Your pages are live in your production folder, so as soon as you save them they are on the web. If you are replacing an existing page, make sure the new page is saved with the same name so that it replaces the old page. If it is a new page, you just need to link to it.


Q: Can I edit pages that were created outside the editor?

A: No, the editor can only change or modify the pages that were created in it.


Q: Is it possible to edit my Web pages in other editor programs like Dreamweaver?

A: Yes, but you have to be careful! You have to create the Web page in the Web Editor, then save and download it to your computer. After it is downloaded, you can open and edit it with any editor you like, however, if the HTML code in the page is changed too much it will no longer be accepted by the Web Editor and will have to be rebuilt if lost.

Q: When I click the preview button my recent changes don't appear on the preview page. Why does this happen?

A: Because the Web Editor is browser based, it takes a few seconds for changes to save. If you refresh the page after 10-15 seconds and the changes still don't appear, try re-saving then refresh the page, again after 10-15 seconds.


Q: When editing a page, what does the “Expandable Menu” on and off do?

A: When the expandable menu is on, all bulleted lists (unordered lists in HTML) in the links text area will be rendered into an expandable/collapsible menu. If the menu is off, no rendering will happen, and the HTML will appear exactly as entered.


Q: Is there a counter or some other way to know how many people visit my site?

A: Yes, we have a software package that tracks how many hits each page in the templates receives. This only works for pages that are built in the Web Editor. Contact Bob Reed for more information.


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