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 MS Paint Walk through

For those who don't have access to proper image editing software, I have included the following calculator and walkthrough for MS Paint:


  1. Open the file you want to shrink in MS Paint
    (Start-All Programs-Accessories-Paint-File-Open).
  2. Click: File- Save As
  3. Add sm (meaning small) to the beginning of the file name ie- "smbyui.jpg"
  4. Click: Save
  5. Click: Image- Attributes
  6. Copy/Paste the "Width" and "Height" numbers into the form below.
  7. Select the size you want the image to shrink to
  8. Click: Calculate
  9. Copy/Paste The "Shrink to" value into the Image-Streatch/Skew percentage boxes
  10. Click: Okay
  11. If there is excess white space around the image, grab the box on the corner and realign it with the side of the picture.
  12. Click: File- Save
  13. Use the "Upload File" function in the web editor to bring the new smaller pictures onto the server.


DimensionsShrink to
Width: %
Size: 480 x 360 240 x 180 160 x120

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