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Tables are used to display information, not for layout. The table tools in the Web Editor are similar to those in a word processor. The left side of the lower section of the tool bar holds the table buttons:


Table Buttons for the Web Editor


These buttons can be hovered over in the editor for the following descriptions


  • Insert table
  • Edit row properties
  • Edit cell properties
  • Insert row before
  • Insert row after
  • Delete row
  • Insert column before
  • Insert column after
  • Delete column
  • Split cells
  • Merge cells


If the table is selected, Insert table can also edit the table properties. Tables are best built in the editor, not copy/pasted in. It is wise to save often when working with tables in the editor.


Because of how tables are built in HTML there is not a "column properties" button. Instead use the "cell properties" button to define the cells in the column.


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