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Updating old pages


Updating old pages requires three steps:


1. Set up left-column navigation

2. Create new pages in the templates

3. Copy/paste the information into the new pages.


Left-column Navigation


Changing the white nav bar to left-column navigation is a simple process, and only has to be done on the first page you create in the editor because of how the templates are set up. The recommended approach is to make bulleted lists of the links beneath the old nav bar titles.




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About Us

  • Link1
  • Link2


  • Link1
  • Link2



(Contact is placed under the Contacts button- see: "Enter/Edit contacts" link under Web Editor to the left.)


New Pages


See "Select a template" & "Create a page" links under Web Editor to the left




Most of the content from the old pages can be copied and pasted into the new templates. Occasionally you will come across something that will have to be retyped, but for the most part everything should transfer across just fine.


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