Academic Support Services


The Brigham Young University-Idaho library is a state-of-the art library that houses one of the finest materials collections in the country. Most items are accessed by the online catalog and other electronic databases, including the Internet. Items not available in the library may be requested through interlibrary loan and received through Brigham Young University and other university.

More than 200 computers are available in the library for students to do research and write papers. Web based programs such as ProQuest and Britannica Online, along with many CD-ROM indexes, provide a wealth of information for the researcher.

The Family History Center is fully automated with competent assistants and knowledgeable instructors to help both the beginner and expert with their Family History research needs.

The Media Services area offers video viewing, video and audio production facilities, a hands-on Media Lab, scanning, videotaping, and a photo studio.

The library personnel-including faculty, staff, and student assistants-are anxious to help students locate and use materials. Group study rooms allow cooperative studying. Nearly all research needs of students and faculty can be met.


The Testing Center facilities are located in the McKay Library and in the afternoons in the Taylor Religion building. Instructors schedule classroom tests in the Testing Center to enhance the learning experience at Brigham Young University-Idaho. We administer “write-on examinations” such as short answer or essay tests graded by the instructor, “objective tests” scored and analyzed by the Testing server that immediately provide results, or a combination of the two. Standard tests such as the ACT, GED, PPST, TOEFL, CLEP, and tests scheduled by students from other universities and universities are also administered by the Testing Center. The Testing Center provides a WEB page linked from the Brigham Young University-Idaho home page where students can look up their test scores and test deadlines and other general information about the Test Center. Some of this information can be obtained on our telephone information line at 356-1206.

Services for Students with a Disability

Every effort will be made to assist students with disabilities with special needs such as:

Referral and liaison with service agencies, such as Vocational Rehabilitation and Commission for the Blind, are also provided.

Access to assistive equipment is also available on a limited basis. Equipment includes: Assistive hearing devices; Visual enhancement equipment; Voice synthesized computer software; Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf (TDD's); Access maps of campus; Hydraulic lift access to swimming pool.

To be eligible for services from SSD (Services for Students with a Disability) the student must provide clinical validation of the disability. That information must be provided to the SSD Office in a timely manner for accommodations to be provided. The information must be from a source that the SSD Office recognizes as an authority in the area of the disability.

Grievance Policy

A student or their representative may petition a decision of the SSD Office by submitting a written statement outlining their situation and the reasons that their position should be considered. The first level of petition should be submitted directly to the Director of Services for Students with a Disability and/or to the immediate supervisor, the Director of the Learning Assistance Lab’s.

Brigham Young University-Idaho
Rexburg, ID 83460-4121
(208) 356-1159 voice/tdd

Brigham Young University-Idaho
Rexburg, ID 83460-4121

If the problem is not resolved with the Directors of the SSD and LAL the student may request a review by the Exception the the Academic Policy Committee by sending a copy of their petition to :

Exception the Academic Policy Committee
Registrar’s Office
Brigham Young University-Idaho
Rexburg, ID 83460-1640

If the problem is not resolved at that level, the student may request a hearing with the Assistant Academic Vice-President.

Assistant Academic V.P.
Kimball Building 290
Brigham Young University-Idaho
Rexburg, ID 83460-1690
(208) 256-1140 


Learning Assistance offers a variety of learning support programs described below. These include tutoring center, lab’s specializing in reading, writing, study skills and study counseling.


Students who desire help beyond their regular classroom instruction may seek assistance at the Tutoring Center. Individual, group or walk-in sessions are available. Tutors are chosen from students who have achieved academically in the class, completed a tutor training program and have been approved by their department. There is no cost for this service; however, students are encouraged to first seek all possible help from instructors and class "help sessions" before coming to the Tutoring Center.


The Reading Center helps students with basic reading skills as well as with skills to study university textbooks. Each student receives individual diagnosis, advising, and instructions. The Reading Center offers one-on-one tutoring for learning strategies,comprehension, phonics, vocabulary, increasing speed, spelling, grammar, and, critical thinking. Reading courses offer instruction in comprehension (English 100), specific reading skills (English 101), and the study of university textbooks (English 107). See the course descriptions for English 100, 101, and 107 in the Brigham Young University-Idaho Catalog.

Students who are non-native speakers of English can also receive extra help in the Reading Center. The English Language Development (ELD) program, located in the Center, is designed to help international students improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Students receive individual help with pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, writing skills, and cultural adjustment. English 108 (oral) and 109 (writing) are courses for students who are non-native speakers of English.

The Reading Center is a place where students can practice and improve their reading and language skills under non-threatening and authentic situations. Students may choose to register for credit or to complete a non credit program.


The Writing Center provides a relaxed environment for students who want to improve their writing process. Qualified student Assistants work individually with writers in free, confidential, twenty-minute sessions. Writing Assistants help students analyze drafts and learn writing strategies to help them create, revise, and edit university level papers. Because the Center teaches writing as “re-writing,” a student may expect help revising a paper from rough draft form through to the final stages of editing. Writing Assistants and students work together to understand the following writing principles:

How to:

Grammatical and mechanical errors are dealt with while students work with Assistants to shape ideas. Writing Assistants also aid students in organizing and focussing research papers, incorporating paraphrases and quotations, and documenting texts, using both the MLA and APA formats. The Writing Center is a great resource for students especially when they come for assistance early in the drafting process.


This program is designed to assist students in improving their study skills. Students may obtain help either by enrolling in a class or by visiting the lab.

Study Skills Class

GS 103 is designed to help students improve learning effectiveness, attitude and motivation, time management, goal setting, study habits, memory, concentration, etc., and to orient them to available services and resources. Students may either enroll in or add GS 103 on the block or at semester.

Study Skills Center

This program is designed to help students improve their study skills as they enroll in a study skills class or visit the Center or individual counseling.

Study Skills Class

GS 102 helps students learn more effectively as they improve attitude and motivation, time management skills, study habits, memory, and concentration, and to orient them to available campus services and resources. Students may enroll in GS 102 on the Block or at the beginning of the semester.

Study Skills Center

Students may enroll in any study skills module listed below by registering in the Study Skills Center. Modules may be taken for credit, or on a non-credit basis; however, modules must be added by the 12th week of the semester, and each module may be taken only once each semester.

GS 103 A-J
Study Skills Modules
.5 Credit per Module

GS 103A Concentration and Memorization
GS 103B Note Taking & Listening
GS 103C Thinking Skills
GS 103D Textbook Study
GS 103E Time Management
GS 103F Test Taking Skills
GS 103J Studying Chemistry

Counseling is also offered to help individual students with specific study problems. This counseling need not be registered for as a class or module if the problem may be solved on a short-term individual basis. Some of the areas addressed are time management, note taking, textbook study, and test taking.

Math Study Center

The purpose of the Math Study Center is to provide math support for all math students on campus by using the following three-fold effort:

  1. The Drop-in Math Study Center is open 53 hours a week where a staff of tutors are available to answer math questions. In the math study center you may work on your math homework and ask questions about what you do not understand.
    Math study center hours:
    Monday     9am-5pm
    Tuesday    9am-2pm and 3pm-9pm
    Wednesday  9am-9am
    Thursday   9am-2pm and 3pm-9pm
    Friday     9am-5pm
    Saturday   9am-Noon
  2. One-on-one tutors: Tutors are available for all math classes offered at BYU-Idaho, and can be obtained outside the Math Study Center at the Learning Assistance secretary's desk which is open from 8-5, Monday through Friday. This is a free service, funded by the Church.
  3. Lecture-based University-prep Math Classes. We offer three courses taught in a lecture based setting by a dynamic group of professors.


Math 100A  Arithmetic              1
Fractions, decimals, percent, negative #’s.

Math 100B  Beginning Algebra       1
No previous algebra needed-work from basics up.

Math 101   Intermediate Algebra    3
Need some prior algebra knowledge-this is the
prep class for Math 108 or 110.


The Brigham Young University-Idaho Counseling Center, located on the second floor of the Kimball Building suite 270, is staffed by well-trained professional counselors. Students who come to the Counseling Center receive help with a wide range of personal problems--from adjusting to university life, to depression and other emotional difficulties.

Students are assured of reliable, professional assistance in an atmosphere of warmth and understanding where confidentiality is maintained. Counseling is intended primarily for those students who can be helped in a relatively short time. It is not intended for those who need long-term therapy.


The CAC has full-time specialists and peer advisors available to help students with concerns about academic and career decisions. An excellent career library containing extensive career and university transfer information is available in the CAC for student use. This center utilizes a helpful computerized career decision-making program to assist in making career choices.

Students are assigned a faculty advisor who assists them in individualizing their education. The advisor’s help students keep on track for graduation from beginning to end. Advisors will receive copies of grades at mid-term and at the end of the semester. After the student applies for graduation the advisor will also complete a graduation evaluation.

Undecided majors are called General Studies. To change a major, a student may do so at most any time by visiting the Career and Advising Center located in Kimball 250.

How to Choose a Major

The CAC offers a series of computer modules you can take which will evaluate your strengths and will suggest a major or career best suited for you. This program is free of charge. GS 100, Career Exploration is a 1 credit course designed to help you choose a major and career.

Questions? Feel free to contact the Career and Advising Center. (208) 356-1167. Or refer to the Brigham Young University-Idaho Home Page under Academics.

Leadership & Service Institute (L.S.I.)

Few institutions place as much emphasis on leadership training as does Brigham Young University-Idaho, where there is a uniqueness in both the philosophy and magnitude of student development.

Brigham Young University-Idaho brings a gospel perspective to leadership. This approach emphasizes the Savior’s example to serve others through consistent, patient, and loving interaction with others. Our programs are open to all students who would like to participate. This differs from many universities that reserve leadership training for those who hold student body positions. We provide learning opportunities for any student who would like to improve him/her self. Our programs are divided into three areas:

Leadership & Personal Development

We sponsor evening workshops, overnight retreats, and Saturday conferences to help students develop leadership skills, enhance their self-esteem, and strengthen their testimonies. These seminars are held at a rustic ranch with a view of the Teton Mountains (about an hour from campus) on a variety of topics. All students can participate. Transportation is provided and programs are at a minimal cost. Clubs and other campus organizations can also use the lodge for training purposes.

Community Service

The Institute helps students find meaningful service projects in the community and acts in a supportive role to encourage reflection and learning. One-time service projects are posted in our referral center. More involved service opportunities are offered through local agencies and campus clubs such as Adopt-A-Grandparent, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Family Crisis Center, Friendship/Homework Tutoring, Special Olympics, Blood Drives, etc. Student program directors coordinate each of these projects and can answer your questions and help get you involved.

Marriage Enrichment

As the family is considered preeminent in our Heavenly Father’s plan, we see the need to strengthen young couples as they begin to build their eternal relationship. The Institute provides overnight retreats at the Teton Lodge that are designed to assist recently married students at Brigham Young University-Idaho. The Institute also works with the Marriage Enrichment Committee to sponsor special firesides and social events for married couples.

For more information about these programs or to use our resource library visit or office or our web site

Leadership & Service Institute
Manwaring Center #380
Brigham Young University-Idaho
Rexburg, ID 83460
(208) 356-2596

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