Brigham Young University-Idaho Administration

David A. Bednar            President

Donald C. Bird             Academic Vice President
   Max L. Checketts        Assistant Academic Vice President for Instruction
   James R. Gee            Assistant Academic Vice President for Support Services
   Garth Miller            Assistant Academic Vice President for Technology
   C. Kevin Anderson       Dean, Division of Agricultural & Biological Sciences
   Gary L. Marshall        Dean, Division of Behavioral and Social Science
   Irma Anderson           Dean, Division of Business
   Wade L. Anderson        Dean, Division of Health & Education
   Rudy Puzey              Dean, Division of Engineering and Technology
   Rodney D. Keller        Dean, Division of Language and Letters
   Roger D. Hoggan         Dean, Division of Physical & Mathematical Sciences
   Matthew J. Geddes       Dean, Division of Performing and Visual Arts
   W. James Keller         Dean, Division of Religious and Family Living
   Thomas S. Liau          Director, Library
   Scott Bergstrom         Director, Assessment and Institutional Research
   Jacque L. Weekes        Director, Career and Academic Advising/Transfer Relations
   Kevin T. Miyasaki       Registrar
   Dan E. Gulbransen       Director, Student Financial Aid
   Robert C. Maxfield      Director, Placement Center & Student Employment

Student Life
Robert Wilkes              Student Life Vice President
   Ric Page                Assistant Student Life Vice President and
                           Director, Manwaring Center
   James A. Sessions       Dean of Student Life
   Bruce W. Blanchard      Director, Counseling Center
   Mark O. Gehmlich, M.D.  Director, Student Health Center
   Thomas E. Leman         Director, Safety and Security
   Sharon Q. Tuckett       Director, Housing
   Jesse S. Brown          Director, Student Activities

James R. Smyth             Administrative Vice President
   Russel K. Benedict      Director, Financial Services
   Shane M. Webster        Assistant Director of Financial Services
   Larry H. Rigby          Budget Officer
   Calvin T. Wendelboe     Internal Auditor
   Charles I. Frost        Director, Physical Plant
   Bryan A. Groom          Director, Business Services
   Carla J. Ricks          Director, Personnel Services
   Darin N. Lee            Manager, Purchasing

Garth V. Hall              Advancement Vice President
   David G. Richards       Director, Development and Alumni Relations
   Gordon A. Westenskow    Director, Admissions and Scholarships
   Devin R. Shaum          Activities Director
   Ronald W. Campbell      Director, Continuing Education
   Steven J. Davis         Director, Alumni Association
   Bruce E. Hobbs          Director, Public Relations

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