Brigham Young University-Idaho exists to provide an education consistent with the religious and family values taught by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. we admit persons without regard to gender, race, creed, religion, national origin, age, or disability who meet the requirements; who agree to abide by the Honor Code and Dress and Grooming Standards; and who are otherwise qualified based upon available space.

Individuals with disabilities who may require special accommodations should contact the Office for Students with Disabilities at: (208) 356-1158.

The Student right to Know and Campus Security Act of 1990 information is available upon written request to the Admissions Office.

BYU-Idaho is affiliated with The Church of jesus Christ of Latter-day Saintsí Church Educational System (CES). It is the policy of CES to share educational records with its affiliates. confidentiality of student records policy is printed in each institutionís catalog.

Because of enrollment limitations, BYU-Idaho will not admit a student who has previously received a degree equivalent to the one they wish to earn.

Admitted and current students who elect to serve an LDS mission prior to enrollment may be eligible to defer admission until returning from their missions. Please contact the Admissions Office for moe information.

Current BYU-Idaho students may interrupt their studies for one semester by submitting a continuing student deferment form. Students who use this form will maintain their admission status without reapplying. students who interrupt their studies for more than one semester must reapply as a former student.


To apply via the Internet, see the Church Education System (CES) home page at

U.S New Freshman and Transfer Students applying to BYU-Idaho with fewer tan 12 semester hours (18 quarter) must complete and submit:

Early Admit Students (a high school student who wishes to be considered a full-time student who will not receive a high school diploma prior to enrollment) must follow the same procedures as a new freshman and in addition submit the following letters:

  1. High school counselor or principal verifying that the student can no longer benefit from high school attendance and is academically prepared and has the emotional and social maturity to attend a university or college.
  2. A parent or legal guardian giving their unconditional recommendation for early admission.

    US Transfer Students applying to BYU-Idaho with more than 12 semester hours (18 quarter) must complete and submit:

    Former Day Students must complete and submit:

    Concurrent Enrollment Students (a high school student who wishes to be considered for admission as a part-time student while enrolled in high school) must complete and submit:


    All materials must be received, not postmarked, before the established deadline.

    New Freshman/Early Admit

    Fall semester           Feb 15
    Fall block              Aug 1
    Winter semester         Oct 1
    Winter block            Dec 1
    Summer 1st & 2nd        Mar 15
    Summer (international)  Feb 15

    Where to send your application

    CES Admissions Office
    A-153 ASB
    Provo, UT 84602
    Telephone (801) 378-2507
    Fax: (801) 378-4264

    You will also be sent a status letter within two weeks after you begin submitting your application materials. A letter will continue to be sent every month until your application is complete or the deadline for submission of materials is reached. Once complete, you will receive a letter notifying you of their admission decision.


    Official TOEFL* results are required of applicants from non-English speaking countries or U.S. Citizens whose high school education was not in English. The minimum score requirements are as follows:

    *In lieu of the TOFEL, BYU-Idaho will accept the Michigan Test with a minimum score of 75.

    In addition to the requirements for U.S. citizens, the following is required of international students:
    -Part 8 Confidential Statement of Finances

    ACT/SAT is not required of international students, with the exception of Canadian applicants and applicants from U.S territories.

    International students with college credit must submit an official transcript in English for each college attended.

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