Department of Animal Science

William N. Torngren, Department Chair
Nicholas Baldwin, Mark Orchard, Lynn Stewart
Jack Muir, RCLC Manager
Vione Migel, Secretary (208) 356-4914

A Bachelorís of Science Degree (645) will be offered in Animal Science with the first graduates in 2005.

The Department of Animal Science has two programs that prepare students for the agricultural livestock work or a four year BS degree.

Beef Production Management is a technical program designed to prepare students for management positions in the livestock industry.

Animal Science offers a four year BS degree in Animal Science.

Associate Degree in Beef Production Management
This technical program allows students to apply practical, state-of-the-art management techniques as ranch managers. Skills in practical veterinary medicine, feedlot operation, nutrition, farming, animal reproduction and the business aspects of cattle ranching are stressed in the courses. The program is designed to prepare students to meet the required needs of the industry. Beef Production Management extends over two academic years, plus one summer term. An eight week internship is required.

Associate Degree in Arts and Sciences with Major in Animal Science
This option is designed for students who plan to complete a four year University program in Animal Science or Ag Business.

See Biology Department for Pre-Veterinary information.

Beef Production and Animal Science Programs offer eight weeks of occupational internship to give students on-the-job training. Students must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or better to qualify for internship. The students are taught management concepts and techniques by participating ranch owners and managers. Animal Science/Beef Production students must complete a four to eight week internship.

The Department of Animal Science is housed at the Brigham Young University-Idaho Livestock Center located five miles west of Rexburg. Facilities include indoor and outdoor arenas, a feedlot, a horse barn, corrals, meat processing lab, teaching stations, and a 140 acre farm.   Travel to and from this facility is the responsibility of the student.

Career Outlook
The employment opportunities for students graduating in Beef Production/Animal Science are promising. Graduates primarily find jobs as ranch managers, herdsmen, marketing specialists, financial advisors, ranch consultants, feedlot managers, or store managers.


Associate Degree in Beef Production Management (209)

Recommended sequence of courses:

First Semester
Religion                              2
AgBus 100 Orientation                 1
AS 321 Anat & Phys                    4
AS 323 Applied Animal Hlth            3
IS 140 Micro Comp App                 3
Chem 100 or 101                       4
Total Credits                        17

Second Semester (1st Winter Block)
Religion                              2
AS 222 Reproduction                   3
AS 320 Feeds & Nutrition              3
AgSys 220 Prevent Maint               2
(2nd Winter Block)
AS 298 Occ Internship                 4
Total Credits                        14

Summer Term 
AS 325 Beef Production                3
AS 375 Grazing Mgmt                   2
AgSys 230 Ag Structures               3
Total Credits                         8

Third Semester 
Religion                              2
AgBus 102 Accounting                  3
AgBus 347 Marketing                   3
Math 108 OR higher                    3
Agron 120 Soils & Fert+Lab            4
Total Credits                        15

Fourth Semester
Religion                              2
AS 230 Meats                          3
AgSys 465 Machine Mgmt                3
AgBus 450 Farm/Ranch Mgmt             3
Eng 111 Coll Writing                  3
Agron 230 Forage Crops                3
Total Credits                        16

Associate Degree in Arts and Sciences with a major in Animal Science (232)

Recommended sequence of courses:

First Semester
Religion                             2
AgBus 100 Orientation                1
AS 321 Anat & Phys                   4
AS 310 Livestock Prod  OR
AS 325 Beef Prod OR 
AS 340 Horse Production              3
AS 323 Applied Animal Health         3
Chem 100 or 101                      4
Total Credits                       17

Second Semester
Religion                             2
IS 140 Micro Comp App                3
General Education                    3
AS 222 Reproduction                  3
AS 320 Feeds & Nut                   3
Math 108 or higher                   3
Total Credit                        17

First Summer Term
AS 398 Internship (opt)              2-4

Third Semester
Religion                             2
General Education                    6
AgBus 102 Ag Acctg                   3
Agron 120 Soils 
Agron 120L Soils Lab OR 
BIO 100 OR GE Sci with Lab           4
AS 230 Meats                         3
Total Credits                       18

Fourth Semester
Religion                             2
General Education                    9
AgBus 450 Farm/Ranch Mgmt            3
Total Credits                       14
Other elective Ag courses may be taken above the 17 or 18 credits required per semester. An overload fee will be assessed for over 21 credits.

General Education Requirements

See pages 35-37 for a complete explanation of the General Education requirements.

Courses for Majors

Elective Agriculture Courses:

AS 165 Judging                       1
AS 310 Livestock Prod                3
Agron 270 Agroecology                3
AgSys 125 Ag Maint-Weld              3
AgSys 230 Ag Electric                2
AgSys 240 Structures                 3

Required AS General Education Courses
Eng 111 Coll Writing                 3
Eng 311 Adv Writ OR
Eng 316 Technical Writing*           3
Econ 111 OR Econ 112                 3
GE Social Science                    6
GE Arts                              3
FA 100                               0
GE Letters                           3
Math 108 OR higher                   3
You must complete a total of 8 credits of Religion to graduate.


AS 130 Basic Equitation (1:1:0)
Travel/Equipment Fee: $60
Western riding skills emphasizing establishment of a balanced seat and proper use of aids. Instruction in handling, grooming, saddling, and suppleing the horse.

AS 150 Trails and Trailriding (1:1:0)
Travel/Equipment Fee: $40
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor
Provides student with background knowledge and skill of basic trailriding horsemanship. The use, care, and maintenance of trail stock in the trailriding environment.

AS 151 Horse Packing and Outfitting(2:2:0)
Travel/Equipment Fee: $60
Prerequisite: AS 130 or consent of instructor
Field trips are required
Techniques of horse packing in wilderness areas including equipment, stock management, route planning, camp set up, cooking, and first aid. (Summer)

AS 165 Judging (1:1:6)
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor
Travel Fee: $10
Basics of judging techniques in evaluating livestock. (1st block, Fall)

AS 222 Animal Reproduction (3:3:3)
Lab Fee: $20
A study of reproduction in cattle and applied practices to maintain reproductive efficiency. Subject matter will include artificial insemination, breeding problems, genetics and other related topics.

AS 230 Principles of Meat Science (3:2:3)
Lab Fee: $15
Live animal evaluation through processing of beef, hog, and lamb carcasses. Slaughter, cutting, curing, smoking, and cooking of meat.

AS 231 Intermediate Equitation (1:1:0)
Travel/Equipment Fee: $60
Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor
Instructor level skills in horsemanship. Horsemanship skills in western riding, barrel racing, pole bending, team penning, team roping, and trailriding.

AS 232 Horse Training (2:2:2)
Travel/Equipment Fee: $40
Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor
Techniques of training a young horse. Extra time required out of class. School horses are trained by the students and sold at a sale in the spring. Enrollment in Fall and Winter Semesters required.

AS 235 Timed Events (1-2:1:0)
Travel/Equipment Fee: $30
Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor
Emphasis on team roping. Some other roping skills covered. Students must provide a horse.

AS 290 Individual Studies 1-3
Independent study, special assignment and/or advanced inquiry in an area of special interest; approved after consultation with instructor in charge. (Upon request)

AS 298 Occupational Internship 2-4
This internship program is to provide the student with direct practical experience on a ranch, farm, dairy or an ag business. Under the direction of the ranch manager and Animal Science faculty, each student will spend four to eight weeks at an assigned intern station.

AS 310 Livestock Production (3:3:0)
Field trip required
Study of beef and dairy cattle, swine, sheep, horses, poultry, and alternative livestock. Basic principles in breeding, nutrition, health, and management practices.

AS 320 Feed and Nutrition 3:3:3)
Digestion, absorption, metabolism, identification, and composition of feeds. Introduction to feed analysis and selection of rations.

AS 321 Anatomy & Physiology (4:4:2)
A systems approach to the study of animal anatomy and physiology. Includes structure and function of the cell, skeletal, muscular, nervous, digestive, and reproductive systems. Practical applications of anatomy and physiology and their relation to diseases and disorders.

AS 323 Applied Animal Health (3:2:2)
Lab Fee: $10
Applied use of skills needed by livestock producers and ranchers to maintain healthy cattle and correct health problems when needed. Animals will be used in labís where applicable.

AS 325 Beef Production (3:3:0)
Topics include: Management of beef cattle, pre-calving, calving, post-calving, breeding season, weaning, marketing options, bull selection, AI, feedlot, and facilities.

AS 340 Horse Production (3:3:0)
A study of horse production; including feeding, breeding, health, conformation, and business aspects of the horse industry.

AS 375 Grazing Management (2:5:1)
An overnight field trip required
Travel Fee: $20
Identification, distribution, adaptation, and management of selected forage plants. Principles and practices of forage and grazing management.

Complete General Education listing

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