Department of Architecture and Construction

Brian Blaylock, Department Chair
Rudy Puzey, Dean of the Division of Engineering & Technology
William Barnhill, Ron Harker, Garth Jensen
Kenna Carter, Secretary (208) 356-1862

Architecture and Construction industries encompass an incredibly wide range of careers. Educational programs are now offered to prepare students for job entry into challenging areas of employment.

The department offers two degree programs. Prior to enrollment in these majors, students should have developed good math, science, art, and manual skills. However, the required subject areas vary with the selected major. Any questions regarding these courses or courses taken prior to Brigham Young University-Idaho should be directed to the major advisor.

The Major in Architectural Technology (047), is a two-year specialized program for those individuals who desire to enter the architectural drafting job market at the completion of the program.

The Major in Construction Management (460), is a four-year Bachelor of Science program that prepares students for management roles within the construction industry.

The department also offers woodworking, architecture, and construction classes of general interest open to the student body and community.

The department previously has offered three additional degree programs, Carpentry and Building (219) Technology Education (276), and Pre-architecture (293). These degrees have been discontinued. Students who started these programs and are interested in completing them should contact their advisor.


Associate in Architectural Technology (047)

Architecture Career Advisors: Garth Jensen (208) 356-1874 William Barnhill (208) 356-1873

The courses listed below must be completed to satisfy the requirements for this degree.

Recommended sequence of courses:

First Semester
Religion                                  2
BIO 100/102 Princ of Bio/Lab              4
Math 110 College Algebra                  3
Math 111 Trigonometry                     2
Arch 100 Const Doc                        3
Arch 160 Arch Des/Drafting                3
Total Credits                            17

Second Semester
Religion                                  2
AmHer 170 American Heritage               3
Eng 111 College Writing                   3
ID 140 Intro to Arch/ID                   3
Math 112 Calculus                         4
Arch 110 Arch CAD                         3
Total Credits                            18

Third Semester
Religion                                  2
Eng 316 Tech Writing OR
Comm 102 Public Speaking                  3
Const 120 Structural System               4
Arch 210 Adv AutoCAD                      3
Ph 105/107 Applied Phy/Lab                4
Total Credits                            16

Fourth Semester
Religion                                  2
CAD 213 Render/Animation                  3
Const 215 Construction Est                3
Technical Electives***                    3
ME 216 Statics & Strength Mtl             4
GE Elective                               2
Total Credits                            17

***Technical electives: (3 credit hrs required)
Const 210 Finishing Systems               2
Const 220 Concrete/Masonry                3
Const 230 Mech Environ Systems            3
Const 240 Elect Environ Systems           2

Bachelor of Science with a Major in Construction Management (460)

Construction Management Advisors: Brian Blaylock (208) 356-1867 Ron Harker (208) 356-1874 Rudy Puzey (208) 356-1870

The courses listed below must be completed to satisfy the requirements for this degree.

Freshman & Sophomore level course work is given below.

Recommended sequence of courses:

First Semester
Religion                                  2
Arch 100 Construction Documents           3
Arch 110 Architectural Desktop            3
Const 120 Structural Systems              4
Math 108 Quantitative Reasoning           3
Total Credits                            15

Second Semester
Religion                                  2
Const 220 Concrete & Masonry              3
Biology Elective                          4
English 111 College Writing               3
GE Elective                               3
Total Credits                            15

Third Semester
Religion                                  2
Const 210 Finishing Systems               2
Const 230 Mech Environ Systems            3
Econ 111 Economic Principles              3
Ph 105 Applied Physics                    4
Math 111 Trigonometry                     2
Total Credits                            16

Fourth Semester
Religion                                  2
Const 240 Elect Environ Systems           2
Const 215 Estimating                      3
Comm 220 Interpersonal Comm               3
GE Elective                               2
Letters Elective                          3
Total Credits                            15

For a complete description of the General Education Requirements see pages 35-37

Junior and Senior level courses to follow in 2003 and 2004 respectively.



Arch 100 Construction Document (3:3:0)
Introduction to blueprint reading and symbology, CSI specifications, construction terminology, and construction process. Evaluation of working drawings, specifications, and codes. CSI certification.

Arch 110 AutoCAD Architecture Desktop (3:2:4)
Introduction to architectural computer-aided drafting using AutoCAD Architectural Desktop software. Microcomputer software experiences dealing with arch-itectural drawings: floor plans, details, text and dimensioning, drawing modifications /changes, storage, retrieval, and plotting /printing.

Arch 160 Architectural Design and Drafting (3:2:4)
Prerequisite or co-requisite: Arch 110
Construction Document preparation of residential and commercial projects using both manual & CAD drafting skills.

Arch 210 Advanced AutoCAD Architectural Desktop (3:2:4)
Prerequisites: Arch 100, OR Arch 134, and Arch 160
Advanced AutoCAD Architectural Desktop routines and procedures: 3-D modeling and design, video and animation, translation of modeling design to working drawings, and specific commercial applications.


Const 100 Basic Woodworking (3:2:2)
Woodwork fundamentals is a study of woodworking skills for both the novice and more advanced woodworker. Project planning and design, wood and wood products, safe operation of hand and power tools, and joinery techniques.

Const 110 Home Maintenance (2:2:0)
This course will help future homeowners better understand how homes are built, how to maintain them, and what to look for in the purchase of a home. Students will learn the basics of plumbing, electrical, and heating systems. Home safety, energy conservation, and home ownership will be covered. (For non-majors.)

Const 120 Structural Systems (3:2:4)
Introduction to wood, light and structural steel framing systems. Materials, methods, processes, and code applications for building structural systems.

Const 200 Advanced Woodworking (3:2:4)
Prerequisite: Const 100
Advanced woodworking is a study of practices, materials, methods, and techniques used in the design and construction of fine wood furniture. Emphasis will be placed on materials and fine joinery techniques.

Const 201 Cabinetmaking (3:2:4)
Prerequisite: Const 100
A study of the materials and methods used in professional cabinetmaking. Designing, planning cost estimating, materials, and construction techniques for kitchen, bathroom, and other built-in type cabinets using both traditional and metric construction methods. Safe setup and operation of professional cabinetmaking equipment. (Not open for general projects.)

Const 210 Finishing Systems (2:2:2)
Materials and methods of building finishing systems including roofing, exterior finishes, insulation, drywall, interior finishes, cabinets, floor coverings, and building codes.

Const 215 Construction Estimating (3:3:1)
Prerequisite: Arch 110, Const 120, Const 220
Interpreting plans and specifications; estimating material quantities, labor overhead, and profit on residential and commercial projects; bidding procedures, competitive bidding and cost analysis.

Const 220 Concrete and Masonry Construction (3:2:3)
A study of concrete construction technology including footings, foundations, cement types, admixtures, mixing, forming, reinforcing, placement, curing, testing, cold and hot weather applications. Materials and methods used in modern masonry construction. The application of building codes.

Const 230 Mechanical Environmental Systems (3:2:2)
Materials design, installation, and applications of building service systems, including supply systems, waste removal systems; heating ventilation, air conditioning; heating loads, air distribution, equipment selection; energy efficient, and solar construction; building codes.

Const 240 Electrical Environmental Systems (2:2:0)
Materials design, installation, and applications of building electrical systems, including electrical theory, design of circuits; electrical heat, light and power installation; National Electrical Code.

Const 290 Special Problems 1-4
Selected problem solving in a variety of construction and architectural areas. May involve special assignment, laboratory, and on-the-job experience. Approved after consultation with instructor in charge.

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Credit Hour Designations/Abbreviations (e.g., 3:3:3)

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