Financial Policies

Tuition and Fees

This section describes the financial agreement between Brigham Young University-Idaho and each student who attends.

There is NO OFFICIAL BILLING FOR TUITION AND FEES mailed by Brigham Young University-Idaho to students. However, a Fee and Schedule Form (see above) may be obtained at anytime upon request by students. Students may also obtain the detail and total amount owed by using the Brigham Young University-Idaho Home Page ( or the Phone Registration System (208) 356-1006, or they can call the Accounting Office (208) 356-1050. FAILURE TO BE AWARE OF THE AMOUNT OWED DOES NOT EXCUSE THE STUDENT FROM MEETING THE PAYMENT DEADLINES listed in this Catalog and in the Class Schedules.

Tuition Payment Deadlines

A late charge of 5% on the unpaid balance will be added if not paid in full by these dates.

   Sep 12  Fall Semester
   Nov 1   Fall Block
   Jan 15  Winter Semester
   Mar 11  Winter Block
   May 8   Summer First Term
   July 3  	Summer Second Term

Interest will then be charged at the rate of 1% per month on the unpaid balance.

Activity Pass and Privileges

An Activity Pass will be issued to all students who are half time or more which entitles them to:

  1. Attend all athletic events free of charge on a first come first served basis.
  2. Attend music and drama performances throughout the year with student tickets only $1.
  3. First choice in purchasing tickets for major attractions from off-campus. Spouses of students may purchase an activity pass at the Ticket Office for $25/semester or $13/block and term.

Part-time Status entitles a student to the same privileges given to full-time students in the use of the physical education building, library, and other facilities on campus. Spouses of students may purchase an activity pass at the ticket office for $25 per semester or $13 per block and term.


Class Fees

Certain classes may have an extra fee due to the unique expenses associated with the class. Generally, these fees are for supplies which are considered to be purchased and used during the first week of each term. Some fees are for student travel relating to the class, while a few may be for other purposes such as private lessons or guest lecturers. Once the funds have been committed and/or expended, there is no refund if the student withdraws from the class after the first week. Reference each class in the catalog for details of class fees.

Charge Per Class Dropped

There will be no charge for registration changes up to the last day to add classes or register. After these dates, there will be a $5 charge for each class dropped.

Books and Supplies

Books and supplies purchased at the Brigham Young University-Idaho Bookstore may be charged to the student's personal account at the University. These charges become due the following month, however, financial aid will be used immediately to pay for these charges. Interest will be charged on past due amounts at 12% per annum. Students may also make these purchases with cash, checks, or bank credit cards.

Student Housing

For information concerning both On- and Off-campus Housing, contact the Housing Office, Located in the Kimball Building (208) 356-1045, or visit

Meal Contracts

Student may purchase a variety of meal contracts from Brigham Young University-Idaho Food Services, Manwaring Center, (208) 356-2251.

Long Distance Phone Credit Cards

Only students living in campus housing may acquire a Brigham Young University-Idaho Long Distance Credit Card to be used on campus. These cards can be obtained by paying a $5 processing fee (for each school year) at the Cashiers Office. Long distance calls will be charged to the studentsí personal account at Brigham Young University-Idaho and are due the following month.

Student Health Center Charges

All students and spouses have access to the Student Health Center in Room 120 Clarke Building for a $5 charge per visit. In addition, spouses are charged an $8 access fee per semester. Other dependents of students do not have access to the Student Health Center. These charges plus other charges for services and medicine may be charged to the studentís personal account at Brigham Young University-Idaho. All charges become due the following month even though payments may not have been received from private insurance companies. It is the studentís responsibility to submit claims to their private insurance companies. Interest of 12% per annum will be charged on all past due amounts. See Student Health Care Services for more detail.


Brigham Young University-Idaho requires that each student be covered in the Rexburg area by health and accident insurance. Therefore, each student who registers as half time or more is automatically enrolled for the Brigham Young University-Idaho Student Insurance. Continuing Education students who are registered half-time in Brigham Young University-Idaho classes may also be eligible to buy Brigham Young University-Idaho insurance, but will not be automatically enrolled. They must apply for insurance at the Accounting Office during the first week of their attendance. Contact the Accounting Office , Kimball 130, or call (208)-356-1039 for information.

Enrollment During the School Year

When a student registers for classes for the first time during the school year, he or she will be automatically enrolled in the student health plan. If a studentís coverage under another insurance is terminated involuntarily during the year, he may add the Brigham Young University-Idaho insurance within 60 days of the termination by contacting the Accounting Office.

New dependents may also be added during the school year which result from marriage or new born or adopted child if enrolled within 30 days. The only exception is when coverage under another insurance plan is terminated involuntarily and enrollment in the Brigham Young University-Idaho Student Health Plan takes place within 60 days of termination. For further details, contact the Accounting Office.

Student Medical Insurance Waiver

A STUDENT MAY HAVE THIS INSURANCE WAIVED if (1) he or she is covered in the Rexburg area by another health and accident insurance plan, AND (2) a completed Waiver Form is submitted to the Brigham Young University-Idaho Accounting Office BEFORE the deadline listed below. Waiver forms will be mailed to new students in the registration packets. These forms may also be picked up in the Accounting Office. Waiver information may also be submitted over the Web The Brigham Young University-Idaho insurance cannot be cancelled or added after the deadlines listed below.

   Sep 11  Fall Semester
   Oct 31  Fall Block
   Jan 14  Winter Semester
   Mar  8  Winter Block
   May  7  Summer First Term
   Jul  2  Summer Second Term

Once this waiver form has been submitted, the student will not be charged for insurance in subsequent registration periods unless the Accounting Office is informed that the student is no longer covered by private insurance. It is the studentís responsibility to inform the Accounting Office as soon as their private insurance coverage terminates. Please note: Students will not automatically have BYU-Iís insurance if private insurance is cancelled. Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Accounting Office, Kimball 130, or by calling (208) 356-1039.

Student Dependent Insurance

Students may enroll their dependents in the Brigham Young University-Idaho Student Health Plan for the period in which the student is enrolled. Enrollment must take place during the first week of the studentís attendance or during the open enrollment period (first week of Fall Semester). Dependents cannot be covered unless the student is also enrolled.

Insurance Coverage Period

Each student (and dependents) will be covered from the time of enrollment until he or she is no longer a continuing student at Brigham Young University-Idaho. This coverage will continue through the summer or semester breaks as long as the break is no longer than one semester, unless the student officially cancels the insurance or submits a waiver if covered by private insurance during the break. Premiums are due at the beginning of each semester, term, or period of absence.

Cancellation of Insurance

This insurance will be canceled when a student graduates from Brigham Young University-Idaho or at the end of the semester or term when he or she officially withdraws from school. If the student does not plan on returning the subsequent semester or term, he should notify the Accounting Office so insurance will not be canceled. Also, a student may cancel insurance at the beginning of each semester or term by providing proof of coverage with another insurance plan to the Accounting Office before the deadline.

Insurance After Graduation Or Withdrawal From School

Extended Insurance may be purchased for the student and dependents for up to nine months after leaving school. The purchase deadline for this insurance is the last day of the semester or term of attendance. For further detail, contact the Accounting Office or call (208) 356-1039.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Pre-existing conditions which can be treated at the Student Health Center are covered. However, treatment received outside the Student Health Center is not covered unless coverage has been in effect continuously for 12 months.

If the student has been continuously insured by another insurance plan and the break between that plan and the Brigham Young University-Idaho Student Health Plan is less than 63 days, the period covered previously may be used in calculating the 12 month requirement for continuous coverage. Refer to the Student Health Plan Handbook, or the Web or call the DMBA Representative, (208) 356-1227.

Health Insurance Coverage

The Brigham Young University-Idaho Student Health Plan requires that the student or spouse first go to the Student Health Center. The low cost of the insurance is due to the use of the Student Health Center. If unable to care for the patient, the insured will be given a referral to a local physician. If the Student Health Center is closed and an emergency occurs, the student may go to the Madison Memorial Hospital emergency room. The student should notify the Health Center the next working day. If additional visits are required, the student must get a referral from the DMBA Representative in Kimball 240 (208) 356-1227. Referrals are not needed for children, since the Student Health Center is not equipped to provide care for children.

Insurance covers 80% of costs above the co-payable portion for each visit. The co-pay is $5 at the Student Health Center, $25 outside the Student Health Center with a referral, or $100 without a referral. Prescriptions are not included.

For further detail, please refer to the Student Health Plan Handbook or contact the DMBA Representative in Kimball 240 (208) 356-1227.

Student Personal Deposit Accounts

For the convenience of each student, money may be deposited in a personal account at Brigham Young University-Idaho. These funds may be used by the student to pay for debts incurred at Brigham Young University-Idaho or may be withdrawn for personal use. Up to $400 in cash can be withdrawn between 8:15 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, at the Cashiers Office on campus. For larger amounts at one time, a check can be printed within 24 hours after requested by the student in the Accounting Office. Deposits may be taken to or mailed to the Cashiers Office, Brigham Young University-Idaho, Rexburg ID 83460-1625.

Students may open a checking account in the one of the local banks in Rexburg. These banks are pleased to have student customers and are within walking distance of the campus. Money can be transferred electronically into a student's account at local banks. Also, students can have 24 hours access to their money by using the Automated Teller Machines (ATM) located on campus and in Rexburg.

Monthly Financial Statements

Statements will be mailed to each student at their current address at the beginning of each month. If a student wishes to have this statement mailed home to parents or to a different address, call the Accounting Office, located in the Kimball Building, (208) 356-1052.

These statements will show the status of the student's account, including charges, payments received, past due amounts, service charges, and deposits. Not receiving these statements does not relieve the student from making required payments by the deadlines listed in this catalog.


All payments must be paid in U.S. currency and be received by Brigham Young University-Idaho by the deadline dates listed in the Calendar of Events in this catalog. They may be paid to the Brigham Young University-Idaho Cashier's Office either in person or by mail but must be received on or before the deadline dates.

If paying by mail, allow enough time for the mail to get to Brigham Young University-Idaho. Send a check or money order. Do not send cash by mail. Payments can also be made in person at the Cashierís Office or by bank credit card over the phone or BYU-Idaho home page ( or mail payments to:

Brigham Young University-Idaho 
Cashierís Office
Rexburg, ID 83460-1613

or call (208) 356-1080.

Federal Financial Aid

Pell Grants and Stafford Loans will be applied first to Tuition & Fees and then to Campus Housing and Meals. Then with permission of the student, it will be applied to books and to other debts owed by the student. However, before any aid will be processed, the student must complete a Title IV Authorization form stating whether or not this permission is given. This can be done over the web.

Scholarships and Grants

Brigham Young University-Idaho scholarships and grants will be posted to student accounts on the first day of classes of each term. Scholarships and grants from non-Brigham Young University-Idaho sources will be credited as they are received.

Advance Payments

Payments may be made in advance, either in one amount or in monthly payments, which will enable the student to meet payment deadlines without having to pay the entire amount in one lump sum. If a student decides not to attend after making advanced payments, the full amount will be refunded after deducting any debts the student may have with the University.

Please note that scholarships and other financial aids do not become available until the first day of classes. Refer to the calendar in this catalog.

Dishonored checks

Appropriate late charges will be assessed when a dishonored check has been used to pay tuition and other charges. Check cashing privileges may also be terminated. A return check charge of $5 will also be assessed for each dishonored check.

Delinquent Accounts

If an unsatisfactory financial relationship occurs because of unpaid fees, fines, loans, housing, returned checks, loss of property or breakage, the following recourse may be taken by the University:

  1. Cancellation of registration. This includes (a) the cancellation of registration when debts become past due after the registration has taken place, and (b) requiring students with bad debt history to pay in full for tuition and other charges in advance before being allowed to register.
  2. Withholding of academic credit. No transcript of credits, recommendation, registration or readmission to the University will be allowed until the obligation is cleared.
  3. In the event students become delinquent in the payment of their financial obligations Brigham Young University-Idaho will assess (a) a finance Charge in the amount of 1% per month against all unpaid debts over thirty days old, (b) all late charges, and (c) all costs of collection incurred by Brigham Young University-Idaho including collection agency charges and attorney's fees incurred in collecting the debt.

The above steps may be taken by the Director of Accounting Services without further notice if a satisfactory arrangement is not made after the student has once been notified regarding his or her financial responsibility.


General Policy

Refunds for tuition and fees will be processed only when the student has officially withdrawn from school or dropped from full-time to part-time status. The refund date will be the day the student actually drops the class(es). Students will be charged for the classes for which they are registered until they are officially withdrawn from school or from a particular class, even though they may not have been attending the classes. If asked to leave, a student will be charged for time in school until withdrawn. Housing and Meal Contract refunds will be processed when the contract is terminated.

If payments exceed the charges, the overpayment will be credited first to school scholarships and grants awarded to the student during that semester or term. Then to any debts owing by the student to Brigham Young University-Idaho. Scholarships and grants are considered cancelled when a student withdraws. If a credit balance remains, it will then be processed as a refund.

Students should come into the Accounting Office before dropping or withdrawing classes to see how the withdrawal will affect them financially.

Federal Title IV Financial Aid:

Any student who has received Federal financial aid and plan on withdrawing from school should first check with the Accounting Office to determine how much of the financial aid they will have to repay when they withdraw. This may affect the decision to withdraw.

When a student receives Title IV funds (Pell Grant, Stafford and PLUS Loans) to attend BYU-Idaho and subsequently withdraws from school, Federal law and regulations require the computation of the Total Unearned amount of the financial AND the amount Unearned by the institution for tuition, fees, campus housing/meals, and returned books. The difference between these two is the amount which the student will owe to the government. The Earned and Unearned amounts are calculated by dividing the total calendar days of the term into the number of days up to the withdrawal date. After 60% of the term is past, the full amount of the financial aid is considered Earned. The institutional Unearned portion of the financial aid will be applied first to any Loans and then to any amount owing on the Pell Grant.

Withdrawal from School

Prior to the first day of classes, a student may withdraw by using the phone registration system (208) 356-1006 or by contacting the Registrarís Office. To withdraw after classes begin, the student must contact the Dean of Students Office, located in the Kimball Building, or call (208) 356-1120.

The following charges will be made to withdrawing students:

  1. A processing fee of $60 for those who register and withdraw before the following deadlines:
       Jul 31  Fall Semester
       Oct 19  Fall Second Block
       Dec 15  Winter Semester
       Feb 22  Winter Block
       Apr 19  Summer First Term
       Jun 11  Summer Second Term
  2. Loss of $60 processing fee for those who withdraw after the above deadlines.
  3. In addition to losing the $60 processing fee mentioned above, the following approximate percentages will be used to compute the amount of tuition which will be charged to students who withdraw after classes have begun. (There will be no charge if withdrawal takes place during the first week.)
       Term              Dates         Percentage
       Fall Semester     9/05-11/4     1% per day
       Fall Block        10/26-11/14   2% per day
       Winter Semester   1/8-3/13      1% per day
       Winter Block      3/4-4/4       2% per day
       Summer 1st Term   5/1-5/30      2% per day
       Summer 2nd Term   6/24-7/23     2% per day
    After the last day shown above, the entire cost of Tuition for the Term will be charged. The above is based upon calendar days.

Dropping to Part Time Status

When a student drops enough classes to become part time, the same refund schedule applies as shown above without the loss of the Registration deposit.

Student Activity Pass

Upon withdrawal from school, the student activity pass will be canceled.

Student Insurance

Student insurance is non-refundable after the Insurance Waiver Deadline since the premiums will have been sent to the insurance company.

Class and Tuition Related Fees

Class, Excess Credit and other related fees are non-refundable after the TUITION PAYMENT DEADLINES.

On-Campus Housing

The $150 security deposit for first time students or $50 security deposit for returning students will be refunded if the Housing Office is notified of cancellation at least sixty (60) days before the semester/term begins. One hundred dollars ($100) of the security deposit for a first time student will be refunded if notification is received between thirty (30) and sixty (60) days for a semester or thirty (30) days for a term. For cancellations made prior to check-in, monies paid over the application fee and/or security deposit will be refunded. After check-in, the charge for time spent in housing, a termination fee, and any damage charges will be deducted from any payments. The balance remaining will be applied to any debts owing to the University, with the remainder being refunded to the student. The termination fee will be 30% of the unused portion of the contract for those who are evicted from housing, dismissed from school, have a ďneeds clearanceĒ (before returning to BYU-Idaho) placed on their records, or move to off-campus housing. For those who withdraw from school, the termination fee is $50. The termination fee can be waived for mission, marriage, graduation, or completion of track session if written verification is submitted to the Housing Office prior to leaving the on-campus residence hall.

Meal Contracts

Refund of excess payments for cancelled meal contracts less a termination fee (30% of unused portion) will be computed from the day that Food Services is notified of the cancellation.

Refund Processing Time

Any money due to the students will be processed and mailed within thirty days of notification of withdrawal or termination of housing or meal contract.


  1. The ID card is designed to last for the length of time you are enrolled at BYU-Idaho-even if you are not enrolled in consecutive semesters or terms. It is imperative that you have a BYU-Idaho ID card in your possession.
  2. Continuing and returning students with an existing ID card do not need to come to the ID Center to validate their card.
  3. Upon arrival, all new students need to come to the ID center (or designated area in the Manwaring Center) to receive your card.
  4. The ID card is for your exclusive use. This card should NOT be surrendered to any BYU-Idaho entity or area merchants except for identification purposes.
  5. Your BYU-Idaho ID card must be carried at all times during your enrollment and must be presented as identification when requested.
  6. Lost or mutilated cards must be reported to the ID Center. Failure to report lost cards prevents the ID Center from inactivating your card so others cannot use your card without your permission. There is a $10 non-refundable fee to replace the lost ID.
  7. The BYU-Idaho ID card is yours to use, but remains the property of BYU-Idaho.
  8. The card is invalid if you do not comply with BYU-Idaho standards (The Honor Code), as printed on the card, and upon withdrawal from school.
  9. Students carrying less than 6 credits are entitled to receive an ID card, but are not eligible for an activity pass.
  10. Students registered through Continuing Education are not eligible to receive an ID card.

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