General Studies

Sid Ahrendsen, Supervisor; Career Exploration and Testing and Assessment
Jill Jeppson, Career and Academic Advising Specialist
Jeff Newman, Supervisor; Career and Academic Advising
Barbara Smith, Career and Academic Advising Specialist
Jacque Weekes, Director; Career and Academic Advising and Transfer
Laretta Dayton, Secretary Departmental Office (208) 356-1167

Students who have not selected a major may graduate with an Associate in Arts and Sciences with a major in General Studies degree. Students are encouraged to take at least one class in their area of interest. Recommended is the Orientation course offered in your field of interest. Refer to the specific Department section in the catalog for more information about Orientation classes.

A Bachelor degree in Liberal Arts will be available next year.

To explore major and career options, visit the Career Advising Center (CAC) on the second floor of the Kimball Building. An excellent career library, the CAC contains extensive career and college transfer information. The CAC also contains a computerized program to assist in making career choices.

GS 100 Career Exploration is a block class that will help with career and major selection. Refer to the Advising section of the class schedule for Career Exploration sections. Questions? Call Sid Ahrendsen, Supervisor of Career Exploration and Testing and Assessment. (208) 356-1167. Or e-mail


Associate in Arts and Sciences with a major in General Studies AA (398) AS (399)

This degree allows students to explore the curriculum and test many different interests while at the same time getting an Associates of Arts and Sciences Degree.

Recommended Sequence of Courses:

Note: Adjust your schedule according to course availability

First Semester 
Religion                           2
Math 108 or higher                 3
English 111 or 111C                3
Arts or Letters                    3
Electives                          5
Total Credits                     16

Second Semester
Religion                           2
Natural Science                    3-4
Basic Skills Option                2-4
Electives                          6-9
Total                             16

Third Semester 
Religion                           2
English 311 or 315 or 316 or 314   3
Arts or Letters                    3
Social Science                     3
FA 100                             0
Electives                          5
Total                             16

Fourth Semester
Religion                           2
Natural Science                    3-5
Social Science                     3
Electives                          6-8
Total                             16

The following areas of study are required to graduate in General Studies with an Associate in Arts and Sciences:

Religion :         8 Credits

Reading & Writing: 6 Credits
 (Eng 111 AND 311 or 315 or 316 or 314)

Mathematics:       3 credits
Math 108 or higher

Basic Skills:      2-3 Credits

Arts:              3 Credits

Letters:           3 Credits

FA 100             0 Credits

Natural Science:   8 Credits

Social Sciences:   6 Credits

Electives:          (varies)Credits

Total Credits     64  Credits

A total of 64 credits and a minimum 2.0 GPA required to graduate.

The following courses are offered by various Departments across campus:


GS 100 Career Exploration (1:2:1)
Fee $20
Designed to aid in making a decision concerning a career or a major. In-depth aptitude tests given to help students identify strengths concerning majors and careers.

GS 101 Principles of Personal Achievement (2:2:0)
The capacity to determine ones success in college, and life, begins from within, from the way we see the world we live in and the attitudes we use to approach it. This course examines life from a principles and perspectives viewpoint, then encourages an application using the many resources available across campus. The intent is to focus on principles that produce success in college and beyond.

GS 102 Study Skills (1:2:0)
Designed to help students improve learning effectiveness, attitude and motivation, time scheduling, goal setting, study habits, and teacher/student interaction . Provides an orientation to services and resources available to students.

GS 103A-J Study Skills Modules.5
Students can enroll in the Study Skills modules listed below by obtaining permission at the Learning Assistance Lab (ADM 230). The Study Skills modules can be taken on a credit or non-credit basis. Students can enroll in one module at a time and are limited to two modules per block. No student will be allowed to enroll in a module after the 12th week of the semester.
Students may not register for the same module twice in one semester.

GS 103A Concentration & Memory .5
GS 103B Notes & Listening .5
GS 103C Thinking Skills .5
GS 103D Textbook Study Methods .5
GS 103E Time Management .5
GS 103F Test Skills .5
GS 102J Studying Chemistry .5

GS 104 Pre-Campus Orientation (1:0:0)
An online course dedicated to helping new students succeed. No matter how well you performed in high school, this course will present new and different academic challenges and opportunities for learning and growth.

GS 108A-E Tutor Training 1-3
Tutor training to meet student needs and national certification. Training in establishing rapport, assessing needs, teaching study habits, helping students accept responsibility.

GS 108A Tutor Training-General
GS 108B Tutor Training-Reading
GS 108C Tutor Training-Writing
GS 108D Tutor Training-Math
GS 108E Tutor Training-Study Skills

GS 109A Tutor Training-Advanced (1:1:0)
Prerequisite: GS 108A
Advanced tutor training to meet student needs and national certification training in collaborative learning, learning strategies, structuring the learning experience and tutoring in specific subject areas.

GS 210 Leadership for Life (3:3:0)
Students will learn the principles and skills of effective leadership and service. Christ’s example and the Gospel will be the fundamental foundation on which this course is built. The knowledge and experienced gained may be used in various responsibilities throughout life such as in the family, Church, workplace, or community. Planning and carrying out a significant service activity will be an important component of this course. This course is open to all students (limited enrollment).

GS 220 Leadership Practicum (3:3:0)
Study and practice leadership principles that Jesus Christ demonstrated in his perfect leadership. “We will find it very dfficult to be significant leaders unless we recognize the reality of the perfect leader, Jesus Christ!” (Jesus: The Perfect Leader, by Spencer W. Kimball, Ensign, August 1979, p. 7). “Membership in the Church is a call to leadersip” (The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, p. 322). “Effective teaching is the very essence of leadership in the Church” (President Gordon B. Hinckley, Improving Gospel Teaching, p. 1). This class is all about “students leading students” by “students teaching students” to know and understand the doctrines and principles of the gospel. (will fill the student on-line, internet requirement)

GS 290 LSI Leadership 1-3
Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor
Designed to train LSI in principles of leadership and service. This course will emphasize important knowledge and skills necessry to conduct leadership training and community service at BYU-Idaho and throughout life. Learning will be accomplished through instruction, discussion, application, and reflection.

GS B 250 E-Commerce 3
Fee $40 (Field Trip)
This course will explore the rapidly emerging world of electronic commerce. Students will apply the knowledge gained through the actual running of an Internet Company. Students will be admitted to the class through an application process. The course will be divided into a class and lab portion.

GS.L&L 215* Scriptural Answers to Philosophers Questions 3
Prerequisite: Sophomore Status
Three class hours per week
Class members discover (through reading and class discussion), that there are answers in the scriptures to the questions raised by the great wanderers and searchers for truth through all ages, and that all truth can be circumscribed into one great whole.

GS.PS 230 Archaeoastronomy (3:3:0)
Prerequisites: None
A study of the ancient cultures of Africa, Asia, Europe and America and how they used the sun, moon, planets, stars and constellations in the construction of their buildings, calendars, agricultural patterns and religion.

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