Application for Graduation

Students desiring to graduate must officially apply. Those applying for the Associate Degree should do so at the beginning of their sophomore year. Application forms may be obtained at the Registrar's Office. A one-time non-refundable $8 graduation fee will be assessed.

For specific deadlines, refer to the Calendar of Events. Students who apply after the deadline will be considered candidates for the next commencement program. The Registrar's Office will notify students and their advisors in writing of any General Education deficiencies. For those who do not graduate on the date shown on the application, the evaluation will be held for future graduation.

Attendance at Commencement

Commencement exercises are held in April and May/June. Those students who do not attend convocation must claim a diploma cover from the Registrar's Office before leaving campus. Diploma’s will be mailed to graduates only after all requirements have been completed and final grades posted.

Graduation Honors

  1. Honors Students who graduate in the top 10% of their graduating class will be graduated with honors.
  2. High Honors Students who graduate in the top 5% of their class will be graduated with high honors.
  3. Highest Honors Students who graduate in the top 1% of their class will be graduated with highest honors.

All honors are based on the cumulative GPA completed at the end of the semester prior to the graduation ceremony. No adjustments will be made for grades posted following the graduation ceremony.

Financial Holds

Candidates who have outstanding debts to any department or office will not receive their diploma until all amounts are paid.

Graduation Options

Students at Brigham Young University-Idaho may pursue an Associate Degree in Arts and Sciences, an Associate Degree in a specialized discipline or a One-Year Certificate.

Residence Requirement

At least 30 credit hours at Brigham Young University-Idaho campus or the final 12 credit hours in residence at Brigham Young University-Idaho campus are required for an A.A.S. Degree.

Graduation Catalog Requirement

A student is responsible for the General Education and Major Requirements listed in any one Brigham Young University-Idaho Catalog (chosen by the student) from the year of first registration to the year of graduation, provided the Brigham Young University Idaho Catalog chosen is not more than five years old.

Grade Point Average Requirement

All graduates must achieve and maintain a 2.0 ("C") grade point average.

Credit Requirement

Please refer to General Education section of this catalog.

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