Department of Humanities and Philosophy

Jeff Andersen, Department Chair
Noel Brown, Rick Davis, Jason Flora, Rod Matson, Brian Merrill, Vaughn Stephenson
Vicki Nye, Secretary (208) 356-1279

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Forming the basis for every other academic discipline, the Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree with a major in Humanities prepares the student for transfer to a four-year degree program at any university. Our curriculum provides students with a broad foundation of knowledge and skills upon which to build future studies in the Arts, Social Sciences, Education, Law, or Business.


Associate in Arts and Sciences with a major in Humanities (083)

Courses for Majors

Students majoring in Humanities must complete the following courses:
Hum 101      Intro to Humanities 3
Hum 201**    Western Cult        3
Hum 202**    Western Cult        3
Hum 242      Islamic World       3
Hist 201 or 202 World Civ        3
Foreign Language 201             4 (Your choice of language.
                                   Note: If youíve had no previous language experience,
                                   youíll need to take 101 and 102 as well).
Elective                         3 (Choose one of the following: Philosophy (any),
                                   Art 201 or 202, English 250 or 251, History 201 or 202,
                                   Music 101.)
We recommend participating in our annual travel-study program in Europe. For information about this yearís itinerary and course offerings, contact one of our faculty.

After satisfying both General Education and Major requirements, you will probably need to earn only 8 or 9 credits to complete the 64 credits required for graduation. You may want to use these to develop personal talents or interests through such courses as PE, music, art or dance, or to explore in more detail one aspect on the Humanities such as philosophy or literature.

**Important Note: Completing both Hum 201 and 202 satisfies both the Arts and Letters requirements. Either course taken alone completes only the Arts portion of the requirement.

Minor in Humanities
Our curriculum prepares students who do not continue their education beyond the Bachelor's Degree for life-long appreciation and enjoyment of good music, literature, art and architecture. It provides students with a broad foundation of knowledge and skills which would complement majors in the arts, literature, social sciences, education, and business. Students with a Humanities background are sought after for graduate programs in medicine, law, and business, as well as in the humanities and social sciences.

Course requirements for an undergraduate minor in Humanities:
Hum 101:  Intro to the Humanities                       3
Hum 201:  Western Culture to 1400                       3
Hum 202:  Western Culture 1400 to present               3
Hum 333:  Spirituality in the Arts                      3
Hum 444R: Senior Seminar (2 required*)                  6
Elective course (see choices below)                     3
Total required credits:                                21

Elective Courses (choose one of the following):
Hum 242: Islamic Humanities                             3
Hum 266: American Humanities                            3
An approved 300-level non-western Anthropology course   3
*Hum 385: Travel Studies in Humanities offered to participants on the bi-annual European tour may substitute for one of the senior seminars. For tour details contact the Department of Humanities & Philosophy.

Additional Requirements
Minors must also complete any foreign language course at or above the 300 level


Hum 101* Introduction to Humanities(3:3:0)
No Prerequisite
Designed to give students a broad overview of painting, sculpture, music, literature, architecture and film. The course shows how the arts reflect humanityís attempt to find meaning and fulfillment in life.

Hum 201** The Arts in WesternCulture: Pre-Historic to Renaissance(3:3:0)
No Prerequisite
A study of the development of Western civilization, examining the art, architecture, music, and literature of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome and Medieval Europe within historical, religious, and philosophical contexts.
**Taken alone, this course satisfies only the Arts portion of the GE Arts & Letters requirement; both portions are satisfied if its companion course is also taken.

Hum 202** The Arts in Western Culture: Renaissance to Modern(3:3:0)
No Prerequisite
A study of the development of Western civilization as expressed through art, architecture, music and literature from the Renaissance to the present.
**Taken alone, this course satisfies only the Arts portion of the GE Arts & Letters requirement; both portions are satisfied if its companion course is also taken.

Hum 242 Humanities of the Islamic World(3:3:0)
No Prerequisite
Survey of Islamic civilization including fundamental Islamic beliefs, historical development, art, architecture, music, literature and science. Students discover the cultural roots of current conflicts between Islam and the West.

Hum 266 American Humanities (3:3:0)
This survey course examines American art architecture, music, literature, and film within a historical context. Students encounter the greatest American cultural achievements and discover the diverse influences that molded the arts in America.

Hum 333 Spirituality in the Arts (3:3:0)
Prerequisite: Hum 201 & 202 or Art 201 & 202
This course explores spiritual themes and concepts in art, architecture and music. Topics may include the nature of worship, art as an approach to the Divine, or religious symbolism.

Hum 444R Topics in the Humanities (3:3:0)
Prerequisite: Senior Status
This senior-level seminar takes an inter-disciplinary approach to topics in the Humanities as selected by the instructor. Topics may include period studies (such as the Renaissance) topical approaches (such as the concept of the hero) or theoretical or methodological studies in the Humanities.

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