Department of Information Systems

Kent Jackson, Department Chair
Ray Couch, Richard Luke, Lanae Morgan Mark Olaveson, Blaine Robertson, Larry Scott, Randy Somsen, Anita Weston
Karen Kunz, Secretary (208) 356-1413 Web address,

The Information Systems major is designed to prepare individuals for positions in Information Technology such as applications programmer, network manager, and Internet developer. Technologies studied in this area include programming, networking, analysis and design, Internet-based development and database design and management.

No D credit is allowed in computer courses for an IS major.

A keyboarding skill of at least 35 words-a-minute is strongly suggested for an IS major.

General Education Requirements

Economics 111 should be taken as one of the Social Science classes and Math 108 should be taken to meet the Math requirement.


Associate in Arts and Sciences with a major in: Information Systems (244)

Recommended sequence of courses:

Freshman First Semester
Religion                             2
General Education*                  10
IS 140 Micro Appl OR 
Eng 111 College Writing              3
Total Credits                       15

Freshman Second Semester
Religion                             2
General Education*                  10
IS 140 Micro Appl OR 
Eng 111 College Writing              3
Total Credits                       15

Sophomore First Semester
Religion                             2
Acctg 201 Princ of Acctg             3
IS Courses*                         11
Total Credits                       16

Sophomore Second Semester
Religion                             2 
Acctg 202  Management                3
English**                            3
IS Courses*                          8
Total Credits                       16

*IS Courses
Select a minimum of five courses from the following:
IS 201 Mgmt Info Sys (BYU Utah Transfer)
IS 203 Visual Programming            3
IS 210 OO Programming I              3
IS 235  Internet                     3
IS 240  Networking                   3
IS 256  Systems Analysis             3
IS  258  RPG IV Programming          3
IS 265  CASE Tools                   3
Math 119 Elem Calculus               4
Math 221 Statistics                  3

Select from the following English classes:
English 311, 315, 316, or B 220 depending on 
transfer school requirements.


IS 140* Microcomputer Applications(3:3:0)
Introduction to the use of microcomputers in business including Windows, spreadsheets, database management systems, and the integration of these programs with other Windows programs and the World Wide Web.

IS 201 Management Information Systems (3:3:0)
Prerequisite: IS 140, or Consent of Instructor
Introduction to information systems; use of information technology to solve business problems. Hands-on use of spreadsheet, database, HTML, and telecommunications software in a business context. (BYU-Utah transfer)

IS 203 Visual Programming (3:3:0)
Application of event driven and structured programming techniques in the development of information system software. Emphasis is on program logic and user interface design. Using The Visual Basic language, students will design, code, test, and debug programs.

IS 210 Object-Oriented Programming I (3:3:0)
Introduction to computer programming using an object-oriented language (Java). Control structures, methods, objects, classes, inheritance and other language concepts will be studied.

IS 235 Internet Techniques (3:3:0)
Prerequisite: IS 140 or consent of instructor
Study of concepts, strategies, tools and ethical issues involved in the use of the Internet. Focuses on design and construction of Web Pages including HTML.

IS 240 Networking(3:3:0)
Principles of networking designed to provide an understanding of data communication protocols, transmission systems, media, software and hardware interfacing. Windows 2000 server covered.

IS 256 Systems Analysis and Design(3:3:0)
Examination of systems development life cycle emphasizing tools and methods of analysis and general design including investigation, study, definition, systems specification/ selection, modeling, and normalization.

IS 258 RPG IV Programming Language(3:3:0)
Introduction to the RPG IV programming language, including programming concepts, design, data structures, report programming, screen design, subfiles, and interactive programming.

IS 265 CASE Tools (3:3:0)
An introduction to the use of computer-aided systems engineering tools (CASE). CASE tools are used in the analysis and design of computer information systems.

IS 271 Desktop Publishing (3:3:0)
Documents and graphics applications of design and layout principles. Word processing software and HP Laserjet technology emphasized.

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Credit Hour Designations/Abbreviations (e.g., 3:3:3)

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