Interior Design

Wendy Harris, T. L. McRae, Nolan Parson
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Philosophy Integrity and responsible problem solving are paramount to the development of good design solutions in relationship to the problems of current human settings and activities. Interior designers creatively enhance the function and aesthetics of these diverse interior environments.

Special Requirements Entrance to the program is by application. All students admitted to the university and who have a high school or college grade point average of 3.0 or better are eligible to apply. Applications can be obtained by writing to Admissions in care of BYU-Idaho. Deadline for applications (into the Interior Design Program) is March 1.

Program Sequence This is a tightly sequenced program which requires close adherence to the prescribed course registration schedule. It is not possible to reduce the eight required semesters due to the sequential courses. Entering students must commence the program fall semester.

Continuing Program Status Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in all Interior Design classes to continue in the major. A portfolio review is required each semester to evaluate student work.

Design Qualifications Graduates are qualified for design positions with architectural firms, design studios, wholesale and retail establishments, or self employment through freelancing. Emphasis is placed on problem solving, the design process, aesthetic judgment and the development of technical and communication skills.

Professional Associations The program is accredited by FIDER (Foundation for Interior Design Education Research) and endorsed by NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association). Enrollment in ID 100 ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) is required each semester which includes membership in the student chapter of ASID.

Field Trips Two field trips are required during the baccalaureate program. At least one must be to a major market city.


Bachelor of Science in Interior Design (420) Recommended sequence of courses:

Fall Semester – Freshman Year
ID 100 ASID/Portfolio/Field Trip         .5
ID 101 Design Basics                    3
ID 105 Intro to Interior Design         2
ID 136 Presentation I                   2
ARCH 100 Construction Docu              3
Religion                                2
Eng 111 College Writing                 3
Total Credits                          15.5

Winter Semester – Freshman Year
ID 100 ASID/Portfolio/Field Trip         .5
ID 102 Color Theory                     3
ID 137 Presentation II                  2
ARCH 160 Arch Des & Draft               3
Religion                                2
Art 101 Intro to Visual Arts            3
Math 108 Quantitative Reason            3
Total Credits                          16.5

Fall Semester – Sophomore Year
ID 100 ASID/Port/Field Trip              .5
ID 203 Three-D Design                   2
ID 238 Presentation III                 2
ID 240 Space Planning I                 3
ARCH 110 AutoCAD Arch                   3
Religion                                2
HFE 260 Textiles                        3
Total Credits                          15.5

Winter Semester – Sophomore Year
ID 100 ASID/Port/Field Trip              .5
ID 239 Presentation IV                  2
ID 250 Space Planning II                3
ID 276 Materials and Sources            3
Religion                                2
Physical Science & Lab                  4
FA 100 Arts Events                      0
Total Credits                          14.5

Fall Semester – Junior Year
ID 100 ASID/Portfolio/Field Trip         .5
ID 341 Space Planning III               3
ID 380 Hist Arch & Furniture            3
ID 382 Model Making                     2
ID 395 Lighting                         3
Am Her 170 American Heritage            3
Total Credits                          14.5

Winter Semester – Junior Year
ID 100 ASID/Port/Field Trip              .5
ID 355 Contract Design I                3
ID 381 Contemp Arch & Furn              3
ID 385 Business Principles              3
Religion                                2
Eng 315 Advanced Writing                3
Total Credits                          14.5

Summer Following Junior Year
ID 398 Internship                       3+
Total Credits                           3+

Fall Semester – Senior Year
ID 100 ASID/Port/Field Trip              .5
ID 460 Contract Design II               3
Soc 112 Modern Social Problems          3
Religion                                2
Basic Skills                            2+
Biological Science & Lab                4
Total Credits                          14.5+

Winter Semester – Senior Year
ID 100 ASID/Portfolio/Field Trip         .5
ID 465 Portfolio                        2
ID 499 Comprehensive Project            4
Religion                                2
Letters                                 3
Elective(s)*                            1+
Total Credits                          12.5+

*Not part of 120 credit hour Baccalaureate requirement

ID 100 ASID/Portfolio/Field Trip .5
(Majors only)
Eight hours lecture per semester
Class Fee: $60
A course designed to strengthen and enrich the program and exposure of interior design students to the professional design world. Includes membership in the student chapter of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) with arranged class presentations by guest lecturers and other activities. Portfolio Review participation required each semester. Participation in two field trips (one major/one minor) required for graduation from the program. Foreign field trips available but not required. (Required each semester for all Interior Design majors.)

ID 101 Design Basics (3:1:4)
(Majors only)
Lab Fee: $5
An introduction to the elements and principles of design; their use and meaning in the environment; development of qualitative judgment and creative problem solving; emphasis on two-dimensional design in project format; oral, written, and graphic presentation required. (F)

ID 102 Color Theory (3:1:4)
(Majors only)
Prerequisite: ID 101, ID 105, ID 136
Lab Fee: $5
An introduction to psychological and aesthetic theories of color as they relate to interior design. (W)

ID 105 Introduction to Interior Design (2:2:0)
(Majors only)
An introduction to the Interior Design profession, including a foundation in professional practice, basic design theories, the design process, programming, human factors, architectural systems and materials, interior components and finishes, lighting, furniture and furnishings. (F)

ID 136 Presentation I: Perspective and Interpretive Drawing (2:0:4)
(Majors only)
Fundamentals of formal perspective, structural drawing and basic composition. (F)

ID 137 Presentation II: Drawing and Rendering (2:0:4)
(Majors only)
Prerequisite: ID 101, ID 136, ARCH 100, Lab Fee: $5
Fundamentals of color rendering of interiors, exterior drawings and floor plans. (W)

ID 140 Introduction to Architecture: Interior Design (3:3:0)
An introductory historical perspective of lifestyles, architecture, and furnishings from ancient times to the 1900’s, with emphasis on recognizing the relevance and application of history upon styles and trends in today’s furnishings. In addition, student will acquire a foundation of the principles and elements of interior design and apply the knowledge of light, color, space, balance, proportion, etc. in critiquing floor plans, arranging furniture and accessories. Student will develop consumer expertise of available choices in furniture, window and wall treatments, and floor coverings.

ID 203 Three-Dimensional Design (2:0:4)
(Majors only)
Prerequisite: ID 102, ID 137
An introductory course in the elements and principles of three-dimensional design. (F)

ID 238 Presentation III: Visual Communication (2:0:4)
(Majors only)
Prerequisite: ID 102, ID 137, ARCH 160
A course to assist the student in honing their visual thinking and communication skills. (F)

ID 239 Presentation IV: Media and Technique (2:0:4)
(Majors only)
Prerequisite: ID 238
A course to facilitate individual skills in rendering with speed and proficiency. (W)

ID 240 Space Planning I (3:1:4)
(Majors only)
Prerequisite: ID 102, ID 105, ID 137, ARCH 160
Lab Fee: $10
A beginning course in residential space planning. Foundational concepts include programming, concept development, problem solving, space planning and design communication. Students will be introduced to calculations and the specification of furniture, furnishings, lighting, materials and finishes. (F)

ID 250 Space Planning II (3:1:4)
(Majors only)
Prerequisite: ID 203, ID 238, ID 240, ARCH 134, Cloth 260
Lab Fee: $10
A course consisting of studio exercises in the planning, design and layout of residential kitchens and baths in accordance with NKBA(National Kitchen & Bath Association) guidelines and presentation standards. (W)

ID 276 Materials & Sources (3:3:0)
(Majors only)
Prerequisite: ID 240, ARCH 134
A survey of selected interior design finish materials available for the residential and contract market. Product distribution, specification, measurement, installation, pricing, suppliers, maintenance, ecological concerns, fire testing and codes, ADA classifications and evaluation of materials. (W)

ID 341 Space Planning III (3:1:4)
(Majors only)
Prerequisite: ID 239, ID 250, ID 276
Lab Fee: $10
An intermediate course designed to provide students experience in research development, programming and schematic design development, problem solving, space planning, furniture layout, fabric and finish material selection /calculation /specification, and practical competencies in residential design. Barrier-free, passive solar and contract design considerations will be part of project requirements.

ID 355 Contract Design I (3:1:4)
(Majors only)
Prerequisite: ID 341, ID 380, ID 395
Lab Fee: $10
A course designed to give students intermediate experience in research development and practical competencies in contract design. A foundation in systems furniture, building codes and building systems will be emphasized with special attention to adaptive reuse concepts.

ID 380 Historical Architecture and Furniture (3:3:0)
A survey of the historical development of architecture, furniture and furnishings from prehistory to the Industrial Revolution. (F)

ID 381 Contemporary Architecture and Furniture (3:3:0)
Prerequisite: ID 380
A survey of the development of contemporary architecture, furniture and furnishings from the Industrial Revolution to the present. (W)

ID 382 Model Making (2:0:4)
(Majors only)
Prerequisite: ID 203, ID 239, ID 250
An introductory course to architectural and interior model making.

ID 385 Business Principles (3:3:0)
(Majors only)
Prerequisite: ID 276, ID 341
This course is designed to introduce the student to the business aspect of interior design. Information will be presented regarding procedural forms and professional practices for the interior designer, i.e., ethics, contracts, fee bases, purchase orders, letters of agreement, business formations, and terminology relating to the interior design business practice. Resume writing, interviewing, and job seeking skills for the job market will also be covered. (W)

ID 395 Lighting (3:3:0)
(Majors only)
Prerequisite: ID 239, ID 250
A course designed to introduce the student to the principles of lighting design, lighting systems, light sources, communication of lighting design and specification, and practical application of learned principles in project format. (F)

ID 398 Internship 3 or 6
(Majors only)
Prerequisite: ID 385
Four week supervised work experience with a professional design firm. For those specializing in kitchen and bath design, an eight week internship is required with a certified kitchen designer (CKD) or bath designer (CBD). (Su)

ID 404 Surface Ornamentation (3:1:4)
Prerequisite: ID 101 recommended
Lab Fee: $10 (Materials will cost approximately $75-$100)
Recommended class
Motif and pattern development for applied design on two- and three-dimensional surfaces. Emphasis on block printing, screen printing, stenciling, and fabric painting for interiors. Faux finishes and paint techniques on sample boards, i.e., marbling, rag-rolling, stippling, sponging, combing, and metal leafing, etc. (W, Su)

ID 460 Contract Design II (3:1:4)
(Majors only)
Prerequisite: ID 355, ID 382
Lab Fee: $10
A course designed to provide students advanced experience in contract design and research development. Particular attention is directed to facilities required for special populations resulting from social problems, i.e., nursing and elderly care, persons with AIDS, persons suffering substance abuse, battered women shelters, juvenile centers, persons with eating disorders, etc.

ID 465 Portfolio (2:0:4)
(Majors only)
Preparation of portfolio for the job search. Twelve projects required. Resume included. Required last semester prior to graduation. (W)

ID 499 Comprehensive Project (4:2:4)
(Majors only)
Prerequisite: ID 381, ID 385, ID 460
Lab Fee: $10
A capstone course designed to prepare the student for the NCIDQ Examination through lecture review of all previous design courses, written exams, and completion of a timed design practicum. Local community design project(s) involvement required. Required last semester for graduation. (W)

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