Department of Library Public Services

David E. Butler, Department Chair
Marcia Bair, Sam Nielson, Debora Scholes, Shane Cole
Departmental Office (208) 356-2369

Department of Library Public Services

The Information Age has brought with it new challenges for students, researchers, and patrons of the traditional library. Because of the tremendous increase in and availability of information, it can be an overwhelming task to determine where and how to search for desired answers. One of the main purposes of the Library Public Services Department is to assist patrons in using library resources to accomplish educational pursuits and prepare for life-long learning. A variety of methods are used to accomplish this purpose. Included are orientations, one-on-one help, self-guided tours, pamphlets, instructions in using materials and databases, and a Library Science Class which is offered each block and in the summer to assist students and other patrons in better use of library resources.


LR 111 Library Research Skills 1
Two class hours per week for one block
This is designed as an introductory course for anyone who wants to improve his or her ability to use a library more efficiently. Emphasis will be placed on services available, reference materials, and research techniques using the online catalog, Internet, and other electronic databases. Although education majors, political science majors and student library assistants will find this course particularly beneficial, anyone can gain increased skills in using computers and researching in a library.

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