President's Council Realignment, August 15, 2001

Academics | Student Life | Advancement | Administrative


Academic Vice President, Donald C Bird

Division Deans

Academic Office

Assistant Academic VP: Instruction, Max L Checketts

Assistant Academic VP: Curriculum, James R Gee

Assistant Academic VP: Technology, Garth Miller

Student Life

Student Life Vice President, Robert M Wilkes

Student Support

Special Assistant to Vice President, Gerald A Price

Assistant Vice President, Richard K Page

Director of Student Well-Being, James E Sessions

Director of Student Services, Bryan Groom


Advancement Vice President, Garth V Hall

Director: Public Relation, Bruce Hobbs

Director: Development, David Richards

Director: Activities, Devin Shaum


Administrative Vice President, James R Smyth

Director: Physical Facilities, Charles I Frost

Director: Personnel Services, Carla Ricks

Director: Financial / Administrative Services, Russel K Benedict

Budget Administration, Larry Rigby

Internal Auditing

Safety, Thomas E Leman

Purchasing, Darin N Lee

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