The majority of our students transfer to schools throughout Utah and Idaho. Much effort has been made to establish articulation agreements which aid our students in transferring. As you plan your schedule, consult your transfer school's catalog, or contact the transfer school directly. Your academic advisor will also prove to be helpful, along with the faculty who teach in your major. By utilizing these resources you can minimize many of the frustrations you may encounter.

Note: Transfer Agreements are based on the student receiving an Associate in Arts and Sciences Degree from Brigham Young University-Idaho. If you are not planning to graduate from Brigham Young University-Idaho, visit the Career Advising Center where you will find an updated articulation guide. Match the General Education program with your transfer school’s General Education program.The following information is prepared to help you transfer your General Education to different schools. Keep in mind it does not take into account specific major requirements.


In addition to the Associate In Arts and Sciences degree, universities and colleges in Idaho will require students to complete an additional course in communications (Comm 102, Comm 220) and Math 108 or higher.


In addition to the Associate in Arts and Science degree, universities and colleges in Utah will require students to complete the following Brigham Young University Idaho courses:
Math 108 or higher and one of the following:

For current transfer information please refer to your Advisor or the Career and Advising Center, located on the second floor of the Kimball Building.

Transferring To Schools Outside of Utah and Idaho

Brigham Young University Idaho students transfer to colleges and universities throughout the United States. Because of this, it is virtually impossible to establish articulation agreements with every school to which our students transfer.

In order to make a smooth transition from Brigham Young University Idaho to your transfer school, you should do the following:

  1. Keep in touch with your transfer school the whole time you are at Brigham Young University Idaho. Obtain any tips that will aid you in planning your schedule while at Brigham Young University Idaho.
  2. Obtain catalogs from any schools to which you think you might transfer.
  3. Meet with your Brigham Young University Idaho’ academic advisor to plan the best possible schedule.

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