The Brigham Young University-Idaho Bookstore provides students with necessary classroom and convenience items. The following tips can help in having a successful experience at the Bookstore:

Avoid the Rush

To avoid the lines during the busy back-to-school period, you can use the textbook reservation system, purchase your textbooks online at, or shop early at the Bookstore.  Many textbooks are on the shelves up to three weeks prior to the beginning of classes.


Textbooks that are in good condition and able to be resold may be returned up to one week after the first day of school.  There is also a generous return policy on other products.

Buy Back

The Bookstore buys used textbooks at the end of each semester during test week.  The number of books bought depends on estimated future course enrollments.  Excess textbooks and books not being used again on campus are bought at the same location by a wholesale book company for resale in the national textbook market.

Check Cashing

Checks may be cashed for up to $25 over the amount of purchase. A current student ID must be presented and the student number, local address, and telephone number must be clearly written on all checks. Payroll checks or large personal checks may be cashed at the Cashier's Office in the Kimball Building.

Student Charges

All registered students have a charge account set up through the Brigham Young University-Idaho Accounting Office. This account can be used at the beginning of each semester to purchase textbooks and school supplies. The balance must be paid off within thirty days of the date of purchase. Payments are made at the Accounting Office.