Dining Room Operations
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course fulfills a General Education - no GECode requirement.

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Management principles specifically related to front-of-the-house operations. Emphasis is placed on cost control, service styles, sales techniques and beverage management.
DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to teach the practice and implementation of management principles as they relate specifically to front-of-the-house operations. The students will be assigned to production teams which will, in turn, rotate through a variety of jobs including: linen preparation, table preparation, dining room set-up and decor, buffet preparation, beverage preparation, and service.
TOPICS: Napkin Folding & Table Setting; Service Styles; Al a Carte Service vs. Buffet Service; Buffet Set-up; Service Etiquette/Meeting the Public; Etiquette; Responsible Beverage Service;
Wine Lexicon; The Basics of Supervision/Culinary and Service Terms;Merchandising and Sales Promotion.

OBJECTIVES: 1. Prepare and serve appropriate nonalchoholic beverages.
2. Describe American, English, French, and Russian Service.
3. Demonstrate the general rules of table settings and service.
4. Appreciate how a professional server should look and behave.
5. Discuss service methods such as banquets, buffets, and catering, as well as a la carte.
6. Understand procedures for processing guest checks.
7. Identify equipment and glassware used for beverage preparation and service.
REQUIREMENTS: 1. Examinations; Final Comprehensive Examination: A written examination in which the student will be asked to recall information from all of the previous examinations.
2. Competencies: Each student is responsible to keep and turn in this competency sheet by the last day of class. The student is also responsible to have the instructor sign off their competencies. They are gimmee points if you just REMEMBER.
3. Attendance/Participation: In order to receive the full benefits of this class, all students will be required to be in class. Due to the nature of this class students will be assigned to teams, and each team will be assigned to a rotation. Different rotations will require more or less time depending on the assigned task. Some teams may not be required to be in lab for the entire allotted time period, but they must complete the assigned task.
4. Quizzes: may be added at any time according to the Instructor’s discretion.
PREREQUISITES: Culinary Arts Major
EFFECTIVE DATE: January 2003