Food Service Management II
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Principles of developing and operating a restaurant. Topics covered include: concept development; menu design, pricing, and evaluation; cost control; basic kitchen design; merchandising and promotion; as well as personnel management.
DESCRIPTION: The student will become familiar with the principles of developing and operating a restaurant or catering business. The student will learn to work as part of a management team in the development and operation of a business as they develop a business plan and apply it to a theoretical situation.
TOPICS: Concept Development; Introduction to Marketing;
Advertising & Promotion; Menu Development & Pricing;
Menu Design and Layout; Bar & Beverage Cost & Control;
Equipping the Kitchen; Food Cost & Control; Labor Cost & Control; Overhead Cost & Control; Closing Point Analysis/Break Even Point; Organization, Recruiting, and Staffing.

OBJECTIVES: 1. Learn to function as a valuable part of a management team.
2. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of team management.
3. Learn the steps and procedures involved in developing and opening a food service operation.
4. Develop a menu including title, logo, descriptions, layout, and pricing.
5. Create two in-house and two outside advertisements.
6. Write a detailed job description.
7. Complete a Cost to Sales Analysis Form.
8. Develop a kitchen diagram demonstrating proper equipment placement for optimal flow patterns.
9. Develop labor schedules for front and back of house operations.
10. Complete a forecasted profit and loss statement.
11. Understand Restaurant Operational Ratios.
12. Complete a Beverage Mix Form.
13. Understand the various types of restaurants and how location, competition, and customer demographics may affect certain types of restaurants.
14. Understand the various types of ways employees can be fed, and choose a method for your business.
15. Evaluate yourself and your peers in a fair and unbiased manner.
REQUIREMENTS: 1. Examinations: There will be a final based upon lecture notes, reading assignments, and project advancement.
2. Attendance/Participation: In order to receive the full benefits of the class all students will be required to be in class. Students will work in management teams, and those teams cannot function without the team members present. A point system for participation is as follows:
3. Quizzes/Assignments: Quizzes will be given regularly regarding lecture and reading material.
4. Business Plan: Using the checklist distributed with the Class Handouts, the student will complete a business plan with a management team. Class lecture/discussion time will be used primarily to teach/explain and complete principles and phases of the business plan. Management teams should work well together, and have compatible schedules so that they may meet together out of class time and complete each phase of the project. (Brigham's Bakery might be a good opportunity to get maximum efficiency of your time).

PREREQUISITES: Culinary Arts Major