Garde Manger
CLASS CODE: CA 270 CREDITS:  2 FEE:  $25.00
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: The art of Garde Manger will be practiced, including cold food presentation, preparation, and presentation.
DESCRIPTION: The art of Garde Manger will be practiced, including cold food presentation, preparation, and presentation
TOPICS: History of the Garde Manger; Utilization; Preservation;
Hors D'Oeuvres; Visual Composition & Presentation;
Flavoring Cold Foods; Cold Sauces and Cold Soups;
Cheeses; Vegetable Carving; Semi-Sauce Spreads; Charcuterie; Center Pieces/Salt Dough;
Gelatin/Aspic; Chaud Froid; Ice Carving.

OBJECTIVES: To gain a basic understanding of basic cold food preservation, and presentation.
1. Learn how to season cold foods.
2. Learn basic preservation techniques.
3. Prepare basic hors d'oeuvres.
4. Learn the difference between jams, jellies, preserves, & compotes; and how to prepare them.
5. Demonstrate proper salad and salad dressing preparation.
6. Prepare properly seasoned cold soups and sauces.
7. Understand and demonstrate proper presentation and garnishing techniques.
8. Learn the basics of cold appetizer preparation and presentation.
REQUIREMENTS: Written final exam based on the things learned and discussed during the semester.
Student Projects:
Utilization project:
The student will have the opportunity to utilize leftovers in the utilization refrigerator. They can produce appetizers, salads, soups, etc. Three other students and the instructor must evaluate your product for marketability. You must devise a price, quantity and setting in which it is sold.
Various projects:
These will be different assigned projects such as cheese making and vegetable and ice carving. Each item will be assigned a numerical score based upon the quality of work, difficulty of project, and creativity.
These are projects done in class and are gimmee points if you just remember to get them signed off.
In order to receive the full benefits of the class, all students will be required to be in class. For each full day of class attendance the student will earn a certain amount of points. If the student cannot attend but calls in, gives me advance notice, or attends part of class and has a legitimate excuse, the student will receive half of the points for that day. In addition, the student who participates fully, without disrupting class, can receive additional points. A student may also lose points for leaving, not being properly dressed, not following instructions, forgetting knives or other materials, or otherwise disrupting class.
May be added at any time according to the instructor’s discretion.

PREREQUISITES: Culinary Arts Major