International Foods
CLASS CODE: CA 280 CREDITS:  2 FEE:  $40.00
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Study of food patterns and customs of various cultures. Preparation of typical dishes and menus of several countries and regions.
DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to introduce the student to various cuisines of the world. During the course we will look at the similarities and differences of various cuisines as well as prepare foods from as many of them as time will allow. The student will have the opportunity to research and prepare a written report about different countries. In addition, the student will assist in an oral presentation and cooking demonstration for the class as well as preparing menus for various countries. The class will prepare the menu presented by the students. The presenting students will also be in charge of setting up the dining room according to their theme and inviting at least one guest to discuss the country and the food presented.
TOPICS: Food, Customs, and Culture; Menu Planning and Costing; How to Make an Effective Presentation and Demo;
Food and Religion.

OBJECTIVES: 1. The student will learn to prepare dishes from many different countries.
2. The student will become acquainted with the cooking style, methods of preparation, ingredients, and meal patterns of many countries.
3. Implement proper sanitation and safety practices.
4. Learn to recognize the similarities among cuisines.
5. Be able to plan a menu, purchase necessary ingredients, prepare the meal, and present it within a specified budget.
6. Perform a basic cooking demonstration.
7. Create a Dining Room Design from a specified theme and implement it.
8. Learn and perform basic kitchen supervisory skills through the implementation and production of a menu for invited guests.
9. Understand how to perform critiques and evaluations of self and others.
10. Understand the importance of kitchen organization and structure through team management.

REQUIREMENTS: 1. Examinations:
A. Midterm examination: This exam will be based upon
reading from the textbook, information from student reports, and anything else covered in the first half of the semester.
B. Final Examination: This exam will be based upon readings from the textbook, information from student reports, and anything else covered in the second half of the semester.
2. Student Projects: Student teams will present three illustrated lectures about three different countries. A simple buffet or a la carte menu will be planned by the presenting team, including appropriate cuisine. This menu will be prepared by the class and served to the class and selected guests. A grade will be given based on points earned from class and instructor evaluations.
Groups will be divided into a management team consisting of: Executive Chef, Maitre Dí, Garde Manger, Purchaser, and Patissier/Boulanger. Management positions will rotate for each group project.
Invited guests should be prepared to discuss the food and the country.
Evaluation is based on mise en place, preparation of required forms, management, menu quality, presentation, and peer evaluations.
3. Lecture and Lab attendance/participation: In order to receive the full benefits of the class, all students will be required to be in class. In addition, the students are expected to participate fully without disrupting class
4. Quizzes: Short quizzes will be given regarding the prior presentation and/or homework assignment.

PREREQUISITES: Culinary Arts Major or consent of instructor