Introductory Nursing (ASN)
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course fulfills a General Education - no GECode requirement.

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: This course provides the learner experience in utilizing the nursing process to provide fundamental care for patients in long-term and acute-care settings.
DESCRIPTION: This course provides experience in utilizing the nursing process to provide fundamental care for patients in long-term and acute-care settings.
OBJECTIVES: Nurse Agency (Stewardship, laws and opposites, caring relationships, human functionality, professionalism and knowledge, incorporating critical thinking, the health continuum, environment, patient agency, and the nursing process)

1. Progress in personal and professional stewardship goals.

2. Recognize and work to resolve value conflicts between the student and patient which affect the ability to accomplish the plan of care.

3. Develop the caring relationship through empathy, acceptance, and congruence.

4. Relate to patients in a professional rather than a social role.

5. Maintain professional commitments and understand ethical dilemmas.

6. Use therapeutic communication skills.

7. Incorporate beginning nursing knowledge and skills in teaching situations.

8. Acquire the beginnning knowledge and skills to understand and practice the standard of care for adult patients.

Patient Agency (Stewarship, Laws and Opposites, Caring Relationships, Functionality, Knowledge, Incorpor
REQUIREMENTS: Class Attendance - Attendance to class and lectures and demonstrations is important because they are vital learning resources to assist you on written examinations and class quizzes and in your clinical work. It is also during lectures and seminars that college and department announcements may be made and general class management items will be discussed. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY!!

Clinical/Lab Attendance - Lab time and clinical experience are mandatory for successful completion of this course. All absences and tardies must be made up or a clinical failure will result. Instructors must be notified of the absence as soon as possible, BEFORE the lab or clinical if at all possible. Allow extra travel time during winter conditions.

Workshops - Two workshops are scheduled during the semester. The first one is an overnight excursion during the first week of school at the Natural Science Lodge near Yale Creek in Island Park. Class material will be discussed during this time including confidentiality, patie
PREREQUISITES: Acceptance into the nursing program and completion of BIO 268 or BIO 264/265; and Chem 101, 105, or one full year of High School Chemistry with a grade of "B" or better.
OTHER: Lab fee: $5
Syllabus: $45
Nursing Kit: $125