Beginning Volleyball
CLASS CODE: PE 144 CREDITS:  1 FEE:  $4.00
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: To introduce and instruct students in basic volleyball skills.
DESCRIPTION: This class is designed to introduce and instruct students in basic volleyball skills and rules. Skills will be graded toward the end of the semester and students will be graded on bumping accuracy, serving/receiving, partner passing drills, and wall bumping drills. Setting, serving, basic speed, and spiking form will also be graded.
OBJECTIVES: 1. To help promote neuromuscular and physical fitness
2. Knowledge of the rules, history, etiquette, courtesy, strategies, and terminology of volleyball.
3. Develop social interaction and teamwork skills.
4. Provide for emotional development through playing, learning to work through stress, controlling tempers, following directions, and staying under control in competition as students develop support groups with this common participation interest.
REQUIREMENTS: 1. Exhibit knowledge and skill of playing volleyball.
2. Ability to organize a volleyball game.
3. Exhibit team effort
4. Attend class and participate.
5. BYU-I clothing required.
PREREQUISITES: Be a beginning volleyball student.
OTHER: 1. Two unexcused absences allowed.
2. Four or more absences will result in automatic failure.
3. Pass/Fail grade is available with less than four absences.
4. May be repeated one time for credit.
EFFECTIVE DATE: January 2004