Basic Outdoor Skills
CLASS CODE: RL 123 CREDITS:  2 FEE:  $50.00
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: A beginning level course covering outdoor clothing, equipment, wilderness navigation, outdoor cooking, safety, and minimal impact camping techniques. A prerequisite for RL223R, 224R, 225R level II classes. Recommended to take freshman year but must be completed before graduation.
DESCRIPTION: Minimal impact skills for basic expeditioning, including equipment selection, use and maintenance, wilderness navigation, camping skills, and backcountry emergency prevention.

TOPICS: The purpose of this course is to provide students with a working knowledge of the principles, techniques, and associated skills required to live in the wild outdoors. The course will focus mainly on the needs of the individual or family camper, but will also apply to leaders who will be preparing for the management of extended outdoor trips. The high country is a particularly fragile environment, requiring travelers to obtain knowledge of minimal impact skills and trail techniques. However, serenity often masks the violence of weather and other factors which have joined to sculpt the natural wonders the traveler comes to see. The untrained visitor may be a hazard not only to the wilds, but to himself as well. By joining in an effort to raise the awareness and attitudes of backcountry travelers, this course may help provide a public committed to the adoption of a national wilderness ethic and perpetuate the careful use of wild lands.

OBJECTIVES: A. To give backcountry experience to students.
B. To train those who travel or will travel beyond the road head in skills necessary to enjoy yet preserve our wilderness lands.
C. To provide background experience and methods for teaching for those wishing to share this field of study with others.
D. To expose participants to country they may have never seen before or may never see again.
E. To develop within students a sense of responsibility to their fellowman by learning to conserve a dwindling resource and to acquire those skills necessary to lend a helping hand in emergency situations.

A. Lab fee: $50 to cover transportation, group gear, food, lab assistants, and program materials.
F. Textbook - O'Bannon, Allen & Mikes Really Cool Backpacking Book. Handout materials will provide some course content.
C. Camping Gear - Your class fee covers group equipment. You are responsible for personal clothing. Boots or trail shoes must be broken in.
D. The most expensive item required is your TIME. Do not miss class. Two expeditions are required.

OUTINGS: Due to limited travel space and permitted numbers on the trail, guests or spouses are not permitted.

Students will receive a skill score from 1-10 (ten being the high skill level) for the following skills:

Possible Points Skill
10 1. Ability to select pack, use and care for outdoor equipment
10 2. Practice Leave No Trace Principles
10 3. Plan appropriate backcountry meals
10 4. Can navigate using map, compass and GPS
10 5. Practice sound judgment and safe behavior in the backcountry
10 6. Behavior and attitude contributes to the success, safety and enjoyment of the groupTotal possible Skill Points = 60
40 Written Final Exam
100 Total Possible Points