Senior Internship
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Professional experience in a departmental approved leisure service program. To be completed near the end of degree.
DESCRIPTION: Senior Internship: (RL 498) An additional 400 hour senior internship experience will be required. Students are encouraged to seek out an internship experience where they are given higher level managerial, program planning, and supervisory responsibilities while working closely with a mentor in the organization they are working with. Students will enroll in RL 498 after completion of a minimum of 24 credits of recreation core courses. The senior internship students will be required to submit a journal documenting their experience. The journal will consist of four sections. Section I will be submitted after completion of week 1 of the internship, Section II will be submitted at the end of the 4th week of the internship, and sections III and IV will be submitted at the end of the 16th week of the internship. Photographs are encouraged. Sections should include the following:

Section I: (to be turned in at the end of the first week.)
Interview your mentor. Questions asked should cover how the mentor achieved their current position, what training and education they have, what do they like most and least about their job, how does their job affect their lifestyle, what skills do they use most often, and what advice would they give to someone entering this field.

Learning Objectives. Interns will also submit three specific learning objectives they have personally for this internship. These objectives should be shared with the mentor during the first week interview.

Section II: (to be turned in at the end of the fourth week.)
Job Description. Describe in as much detail as possible what you are doing, what your responsibilities are, and how these relate to your learning objectives.

Organizational Setting. What is the organizational structure of the organization you are working with? Who are the leaders? Who are the clients or customers? Describe how decisions are made. What is the work atmosphere? What is the history of the organization? Where is the company located and why? What does the company logo or motto tell you about the organization?

Section III:
Journal entries. Three per week are required. These entries should cover tasks, events, decisions, etc. that you have experienced. What new skills are you learning. Describe a typical day. What are the skills and knowledge you are finding valuable in carrying out your responsibilities? How do the people you work with treat you? What things have occurred that make you feel proud?

Section IV:
Connection to your past and future. In at least two pages, explore the connections between this internship and your past experience. How have your family, friends, teachers, former employers prepared you for this internship. How have your previous experiences, college courses, etc. helped you in your responsibilities? (Include course names and explain how the course, teacher, or assignments assisted you.) How will this internship prepare you for your future career?

Workplace Terminology:
Keep a list of words and terms (with their definitions) that you were unfamiliar with before this internship.
PREREQUISITES: Senior Internship should be taken after 24 credits of recreation core courses have been completed. Student must contact the Internship Director when planning their internship experience.