Concrete and Masonry Construction
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: A study of concrete construction technology including footings, foundations, cement types, admixtures, mixing, forming, reinforcing, placement, curing, testing, cold and hot weather applications. Materials and methods used in modern masonry construction. The application of building codes.
DESCRIPTION: A study of the versatility, durability and mix design of quality concrete. Also included is the study of the use of masonry in modern construction. Both classroom and laboratory experiences will assist students in developing a firm understanding of use concrete and masonry materials.
TOPICS: Introduction to Masonry
Masonry Building Units
Masonry Construction
Concrete Block CMU's
Basic Brickwork
Stonework/Advanced Brickwork
Fundamentals of Concrete
Fundamentals of Concrete
Cement Powder
Water and Aggregates for Concrete
Air-Entrained and Admixtures in Concrete
Admixtures/Lab, Construction Ethics
Calculating Concrete/Concrete Mix Designs
Tour Batch Plant
Placing and Finishing Concrete
Curing Concrete
Make Concrete Beams
Break Concrete Beams
OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this course is to assist students in gaining knowledge and some skill in concrete and masonry technology. During this semester each student will gain the knowledge to enable them to produce and supervise the construction of quality concrete and masonry projects.

Concrete and masonry is the world's most used construction material. They both appear as simple materials in appearance but are very complex in their internal nature. At the completion of this course, students will never view concrete or masonry the same again.

At the completion of this course the students will be able to specify the proper application of concrete and masonry products according to the desired modern construction need. Through classroom and laboratory experiences students will gain a better understanding of the material and methods of concrete and masonry construction.
Exams-100 ea 300 pts
Quizzes 50 pts
Lab Work 200 pts
Concrete Report 100 pts
Final Exam 200 pts
TOTAL 850 pts

GRADING: Grades will be figured on a straight percentage of the total points possible in the class, modified on the performance (curve) of the class as a whole.

EXAMINATIONS: There will be exams given throughout the semester as indicated on the instructional sequence. There may also be several unannounced quizzes. Exams will cover the text and workbook material plus information from any lectures or field trips. Exams should be taken on dates specified. If a student will not be present the day of an exam, special arrangements may be made to take the exam in advance. If an emergency or illness occurs the day of the exam and the instructor or department secretary is notified that day, the exam may be taken late. The final exam will be comprehensive. The quiz scores will be averaged and weighted as equal to one exam.
OTHER: Students are expected to attend all classroom and lab sessions. More than two unexcused absences or tardies may result in a full letter grade drop in the final grade. When possible inform instructor in advance of possible absences.

Class assignments, lab assignments and other assigned work is to be handed in on or before due date. All late assignments will be penalized 10% amount and only accepted for one week after due date.

It is expected that each student will abide the Ricks College dress, grooming and honor standards. Feel free to consult with the instructor at anytime you may be having difficulty or become confused. Office hours are posted and/or by appointment.