Architectural Design and Drafting
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Construction Document preparation of residential and commercial projects using both manual & CAD drafting skills.
DESCRIPTION: This course deals with current architectural design and drafting practices along with techniques required of the architectural draftsman. As well as drafting working drawings, the course has been correlated with handout problems to assist the student in learning the basic principles and concepts of architectural drafting and design. That is: design, sketching, drafting techniques related to residential and commercial projects.
TOPICS: The student will learn basic design, sketching, and drafting skills in order to produce residential and commercial construction documents.
OBJECTIVES: Specifically, the students who successfully complete Architectural Design and Drafting will be able to identify, describe, or perform the following:

1. Architectural lettering and the ability to letter neatly and legibly in a current architectural style shown in class. The architectural technique of lettering is shown in class and required of each student to develop this important skill.
2. The skill in the use and care of all common draftsman's tools.
3. The current architectural drawing techniques using lines of various thickness and weight material symbols, etc.
4. Develop skills in design, communicating with sketches and problem solving drafting.
5. Know standard sizes of building materials for use in detailing and dimension calculations.
6. Learn and develop appreciation of design standards associated with space design of commercial and residential projects.
7. The fundamental types of construction techniques used in the industry.
8. Develop skills in drawing floor plans, elevations, wall sections, and footing/foundation plans along with other common architectural drawing problems.
9. Skill in the selection and use of handbooks, reference materials and other sources of architectural drafting resource information, to include Sweet's Catalog, Architectural Graphic Standards, etc.
REQUIREMENTS: 1. Attendance, class participation, attitude, and individual initiative.
2. Oral Expression.
3. Handout Drawing Assignments.
4. Quizzes, Tests, Final
OTHER: 1. Pencil types required: 1) Mechanical drawing pencil with 4H or non-print leads; 2) Metric drawing pencils: .5 mm, .7 mm, and .9 mm. Leads for the metric pencils are:
a. .5 mm - 2H, 4H, or non-print
b. .7 mm - F, H, 2H
(Lead substitutions are an individual preference)
c. .9 mm - H
2. Drafting erasers (pink pearl or nylon or vinyl)
3. Drafting tape, erasing shield, drafting brush, and sandpaper pad.
4. Architectural scale and civil engineers scale.
5. Adjustable triangle.
6. Lead pointer or sharpener for mechanical pencil.
7. House plan template (must be 1/4" = 1'-0" scale). Timely T-30 or equivalent is recommended. There are a number of floor plan templates that will work for the class. If you already have a floor plan template, you don't have to buy another.
8. Lettering Guide, Ames type only.
9. French curve, any size will do.
10. Non-Print Blue Prisma Color Pencil - (for foundation plan and sections)