Heating & Air Conditioning
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Wiring diagrams, vacuum circuits, climate control systems, air conditioning theory, diagnosis and repair of all related systems. (2nd Block, Winter Semester)
DESCRIPTION: Wiring diagrams, vacuum circuits, climate control systems, air conditioning theory, diagnosis and repair of all related systems.
TOPICS: I. Orientation
A. Course objectives
B. Evaluation
C. Grading

II. Shop Safety
A. Safety rules and procedures
B. Shop policy

III. Basics of Heating and Air Conditioning
A. Heat
B. Comfort
C. Heat Measurement
D. Heat Movement
E. States of Matter
F. Latent and Sensible Heat
G. Pressure Temperature Relationship
H. Pressures - Absolute and Gauge

IV. Refrigerants
A. Refrigerants R-12 and R-134a
B. Environment and Legislation
C. Refrigerant Safety Procedures
D. Recovery and Recycling

V. Principles of Air Conditioning
A. Heating Loads
B. Cooling Loads
C. Compression Heating
D. Expansion Cooling

VI. Air Conditioning Operation
A. Sealed and Continuous Cycling
B. Low Side Operation
C. High Side Operation

VII. Air Conditioning Components
A. Compressors
B. Condensers
C. Expansion Devices
D. Evaporators
E. Receiver-Driers and Accumulators
F. Hoses and Lines
G. Electrical Switches and Evaporator Temperature Controls

VIII. Air Flow Controls
A. Cases and Ducts
B. Control Head
C. Automatic Temperature Control (ATC)

IX. Heating and A/C System Inspection and Diagnosis
A. Heating and A/C System Inspection
B. Problem Diagnosis
C. A/C Pressure Checks
D. A/C System Refrigerant Leak Tests
E. Vacuum Control System Checks

X. Heating and A/C System Service
A. Preventive Maintenance Operations
B. A/C Service Operations
C. Retrofitting R-134a into an R-12 System

XI. Heating and A/C System Repair
A. Compressor Repair
B. Hose and Fitting Repair
C. A/C System Component Replacement
OBJECTIVES: To teach students about heating and air conditioning and to give them hands-on experience.
REQUIREMENTS: GRADING: Grade is based on homework, test and quiz scores, amount and quality of lab work, motivation, attitude and attendance.

Attendance and Tardies: This area will kill you without any further penalty.

MAKE-UP WORK: There is no make-up except for doctor excused illness with a note from the Doctor.

OTHER COURSE POLICIES: Extra Credit--Only for perfect. Homework deadline--due at the beginning of class time the first day that shows that chapter assigned, any time after that on that day Ĺ credit will be given and no credit after that day.

The following is about how the various areas will count.
preparation quizzes & homework 20%
lab work (fill out daily job report) 35%
unit test and take-home test 30%
final test 10%
motivation and attitude 5%
Total 100%

Lab Grade: Must fill out daily lab work accountability form. You will be judged by the instructor as to how well you use your time and strive to learn. No credit for visiting and other behavior not related to learning of the context of the class. Lab operations will also be judged as to the neatness and cleanliness, craftsmanship, quality, not wasting time and thoroughness that you demonstrate while doing the task. Your instructor will also judge you as to how well you can complete any certain task, the criteria are as follows:
F: cannot do the task and has poor understanding
D: can complete the task, but needs supervision, has minor degree of understanding
C: can do the task alone, but struggles and has moderate degree of understanding
B: can perform the task independently, moderately skilled, has fairly good understanding
A: performs task with high degree of skill and proficiency, has very good understanding of task

LAB WORK : Friends are not allowed in lab. You are responsible to have work to do for each lab. This means that you are responsible for lining up your own lab work, when we work on cars.

PAYMENT : All parts that we have in stock or parts that you have sent up to Ricks and are charged to Ricks will be charge out at retail cost to the customer or as the instructor may instruct. For your own personal parts purchases: You will be charged at 10% above cost.

PREFERRED WAY: you may pay the parts people at the time of delivery and save that 10% just tell them it will be cash on delivery. Remember, we cannot extend credit to anyone, we are not a credit institution. There is also a lab fee for each car worked on. The lab fee will range from $2.00 to $15.00 for this class, check with the instructor. The class outline indicates the areas that we will be working on and you may do those types of things that have been covered.

NOTE: The first thing you do is get a work order for the job to be done and get the customer's authorization by having them sign the work order and indicating the dollar limit that they will authorize.
You will be shown how to use the parts computer in the parts room to keep track of parts. Remember to bill all parts taken from the parts room through the computer and then and there write it down on the customers work order. All parts that come from the parts houses in town should be billed out (that is written down on the work order) as soon as they arrive. Remember to keep the work order in the parts room or be sure that it is back there at the end of lab on unfinished jobs. Be sure that vehicles work orders, and keys are numbered and the keys and work orders kept in the correct places.

NOTE: Lost work orders will cost you $15.00 a piece.

GUARANTEE : There is no guarantee on the work done here since it is done as a training experience. Do not promise that any work will be done by a certain time or that you will be able to get right on their job. If the customer is in a hurry refer him/her to a local repair business.

CLEANUP : Depending on how much you have to clean, at about 10-20 minutes before the end of lab you should start your clean up and moving cars out. You are responsible to clean up after yourself, put all parts, books, manuals, tools, equipment back clean and where they belong. All cars that are to kept over to the next lab need to be locked and have the keys put in the parts room tagged and vehicle information put on tag as well as having the car yellow tagged with the key number, we will explain this in class. Be ready to leave at the end of lab on time; let's have your support and sincere effort.

OUTSIDE WORK: There is no permission allowed to work on friends or others cars. And work on your own car is highly discouraged since it has shown to be counter productive for the student. Only emergency exceptions made.
OTHER: Materials for class: Basic set of Mechanics Tools and DVOM. Desire and willingness to study, work hard, donít be tardy, no absences, and have a good attitude.