Teaching Methods for the Biological Sciences
CLASS CODE: BIO 405 CREDITS:  3 FEE:  $10.00
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: This course will cover biological and general science teaching methods needed for state teaching certification in biology secondary education. The course will focus on classroom and laboratory techniques utilized in the biological sciences. Practical experience in teaching laboratories, lectures and demonstrations will be included.(Winter, Fall)
DESCRIPTION: This course will focus heavily on preparing students to be competent in laboratory procedures, including lab safety issues. Students will learn how to set up labs, order supplies, prepare and design laboratory experiments in the biological sciences. In addition students will become familiar with how demonstrations can be effectively used in the classroom. Ample opportunity will be given each student to practice the skills needed to effectively teach biology in the secondary schools. This course will also introduce the students to inquiry and process based science curricula. Students will become familiar with and learn to apply the national and state science and biology standards for teaching biology at the secondary level.
TOPICS: Laboratory safety
Demonstration methods
Laboratory preparation and teaching
National Science Education standards
Idaho science and biology education standards
Materials, Chemicals and equipment used in biology teaching
Evaluation of curriculum materials
Professional societies and funding opportunities
Instructional strategies in science (Inquiry based teaching and learning, Science process skills, learning cycle, open ended labs etc.
Technology in the classroom and lab( PowerPoint, probeware, online course components, digital images and video etc. )
Building a portfolio
OBJECTIVES: Students will become familiar with and proficient in using a variety of teaching methods such as inquiry, science process skills, open ended labs etc.
Students will learn how to develop and plan a laboratory from start to finish. This will include obtaining the needed materials, preparing them, addressing safety issues, and teaching the lab to their peers.
Student will learn to effectively present and critique science lessons.
Demonstrate proficiency in the use of a variety of biological instruments.
Present biology demonstrations to a group of peers.
Demonstrate an understanding of both national and state science education standards and plan a course of study which implements these standards in a secondary school curriculum.
Become proficient at evaluating curriculum materials and develop a system for evaluating materials in the future.
Demonstrate the implementation of assessment strategies appropriate for the learning style used and which properly evaluate student understanding of biology in accordance with the state and national achievement standards.
Implement technology and professional resources (journals, professional meetings etc. ) to improve their teaching
REQUIREMENTS: 10% Lecture teaching
15% Laboratory preparation and teaching
10% Demonstration presentations
10% Portfolio, Exit interview
10% Class participation
15% Research project and presentation on a professional development opportunity
20 % Comprehensive plan for a secondary biology course.
PREREQUISITES: Senior status and 80% of biology coursework must be completed before enrolling in this course.
OTHER: $10 Lab Fee