Team Consulting Project
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: This course is a senior-level capstone experience wherein student consulting teams use business concepts to address real-world strategic problems or opportunities for business clients. Teams may be formed within an emphasis area (i.e. marketing or finance) or they may be integrated across business disciplines, depending on the needs of the client. The project must be managed through problem or opportunity identification, data gathering, analysis and development of strategies and tactics to solve the problem or pursue the opportunity. Requires a professional final written and oral report. Teams and clients are organized through the Business Management Department according to student expertise and client needs.
DESCRIPTION: Faculty team-taught course focusing on integrated strategic planning and problem solving using classic and real-life case studies in partnership with regional and national business organizations. Integrated faculty teaching with student teamwork development in over-all business planning, problem solving, and professional reporting of both quantitative and qualitative results of team research efforts.
TOPICS: Team Work, Problem-solving, Project Management, Communication, and Strategic Planning.
OBJECTIVES: 1. Polish student skills in the following areas: Quantitative analysis, technological literacy, teamwork and leadership skills, written and oral communication, problem solving and project management.
2. Allow each student to demonstrate his or her ability to apply knowledge learned in core and emphasis classes in their area of emphasis by analyzing the situation and developing strategies and tactics to address real world problems or opportunities.
Note: at the initial phases of the capstone experience, student roles will be established based on areas of emphasis or career interest. Teams will be balanced to allow each student to be a critical resource to the team in their area of emphasis.
PREREQUISITES: Completion of Junior Core.
EFFECTIVE DATE: January 2002